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Nickel Products manufacturers
Nickel Oxide is a common inorganic compound, the most stable oxide of nickel, a green powder, widely used in life, and also used to produce high purity (>99.98% nickel). This product is harmful to human health. It should be protected when it comes into contact with it. It may cause cancer and sensitization to the human body.
Formula: NiO
CAS No.: 1313-99-1
M.W.: 74.71
Properties: It is soluble in acid, aqueous ammonia, hot perchloric acid and hot sulfuric acid, insoluble in water and liquid ammonia.
Application: Densification agent of porcelain enamel, pigment of enamel and glass, magnetic material, metallurgy, kinescope and raw materials for nickel salt and nickel catalyst. Used as a binder and colorant for enamel, ceramic and glass pigments. It is used in the production of magnetic materials for the production of nickel-zinc ferrite, etc., as well as in the manufacture of nickel salt raw materials, nickel catalysts and in metallurgical and kinescope applications. Used as electronic component materials, catalysts, enamel coatings and battery materials.
Storage: Store at a ventilating and dry place, prevent wetting and keep away from strong inorganic acid and alkali.
Packing: 25kg net, Paper/PE complex bags with double PE inners.Nickel Products manufacturers

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