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China Ionizers
Schneider brand Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles
1. Ionizing air nozzles,Ionizer air nozzles details
Our Ionizing air nozzle was designed to neutralize charges in every specific area with high compressed ionizing air. It is ideally installed to a fixed work station in order to dissipate static charges and dirty, as well as for preventing double pickup at the feed pile on sheet-fed presses. Air Nozzle has an effective of 1000mm. It required power supply (ATS-801) for operation which must also can be ordered separately. Application: Electronic, spray coating, plastic cement,photoelectricity and so on.

· Operating Voltage: 4.6kv
· Current Consumption: 200uA/M
· Ionizing Blance: +/-5 volts
· Weight: 0.7kg
· Air Pressure: 45-70psj
· HV Cable Length: 2m
· Valid Range: <=1.5m
· Operting Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
· Air Velocity: 10/sec
Decay Test Result:
Test Voltage: 5KV to 500V Operating Voltage:4.6KV Tem.:22°C
Distance : 30m 90m 150m
Decay Time Positive 0.1s 0.4s 0.8s
Negative 0.1s 0.3s 0.7s
1, neutralize charges quickly.
2, The blowered area of Ionizing air flow is big.
3, Safety Induction No shock.
4, The air nozzle with good Ground Protection
MOQ: 1 sets
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand: Dr. Schneider PC
Model: SL-080BF,SL-005CF,SL-505 etc
2. Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles display
3. Plugs for Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles
4. CE and SGS Certificates for Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles
5. Application for Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles
6. Payment Terms for Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles:
Paypal, Western Union, T/T, Also accept monthly closing.
Our Safety Working TECH sales contact : sales@safety-working.com

7. FAQ for Ionizing air nozzles, Ionizer air nozzles:
1) What models do you have for Overhead Ionizing Blower, Overhead Ionizing fan?
SL-080BF, SL-005CF, SL-005BF, SL-505 etc
2) What's your warranty for Ionizing air gun, Ionizer air gun?
Yes,One year.
3) What's power supply do your Ionizing air gun use?
4.6KV for SL-080BF, SL-005CF, SL-505
4) Are you manufacturing by your own factory?
Yes, Made by our own factory. We're a manufacturer for ESD products for 8 years.
8. Packing & Shipping for Ionizing air nozzles,Ionizer air nozzles:
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