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Entrar: 24/12/18
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Carbon Steel Oil Casing Pipe
About Metleader
Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. is a professional supplier of pipe flanges and fittings, which are widely used for petroleum and gas pipeline, chemical, power plant, and shipbuilding industries. Now we are specially committed to the products research and inspection, the whole process strictly according to the request of ISO and CE standard. Our engineers and technologists constantly innovate the production technique to make the quality better and better. Metleader is consistent the aim to provide high quality products and good service.
Metleader provides all types of steel pipe flanges and fittings based on all specifications including ANSI, ASME, AWWA, DIN, JIS, GOST, EN, BS and large industry standards. The material grades include carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel, which are all purchased from regular manufacturers to maintain stable quality. And our strong storage and strict inspection capacity guarantee the lead time is prompt and product quality is good.
We have abundant manufacturing experience since 1982 and passed the certificates of ISO9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, IOS14001:2004, ABS and PED. All products have been exported to America, EU, Malaysia, Japan, and more than 20 countries and regions. We have received many customers'consistent high praise and established stable cooperated relationship with them. Our QC team tirelessly to inspect each flange and fitting before delivery which perfectly guarantee our products deliveried to customers are all qualified. And our excellent sales staff and veteran purchaser work together to ensure that all clients'requirement are met fully and correctly. We are always trying our best to live up to our aim "high quality products and good service".
Our Team
Our team worked tirelessly to build.
For our buyers and end-users to provide more valuable services.
These efforts include:
Building relationships with more than 500 clients from nearly 30 countries and regions
Experienced technical team, strive to serve you, to provide you with more professional solutions
Market team, expand our brand publicity and international influence, add value for your products
We include an application engineer in our sales process to ensure that Metleader is an ideal fit for your product, providing you with a more profitable, safest product and most reassuring service.Carbon Steel Oil Casing Pipe

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