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Pearl Effect Pigment suppliers
Our History
History of Lingbao Pearl Pigment.
☆2001 Lingbao was founded at Nan Yang City. As the earliest pearl pigment manufacturer,capability was 600 ton per year.
☆2003 Lingbao Pearl Pigment became the Top Brand In China market for expertise in pearl pigment and high quality products.Quality equal Merck Global.
☆2007 LingBao added four production lines and two workshop increase the capability to 1000 ton per year. Exploiting international market.
☆2008 Over twenty of technical specialists are joined by PhD level researchers in the Ling BaoTechnology Center. Crystal series, Diamond series, Magnetic series Chameleon series become popular among Lingbao Customers.
☆2010 Lingbao Pearl Pigment are popular in European, America east AISA market Our product’s traceability and high quality though ISO9001, 14001, 18001 quality management system certification.
☆2011 Lingbao Aim at green earth project, introduced waste recycle production line.
☆2013 Lingbao Registered Reach for EU market and Lingbao Products reached more 80 countries.
☆2014 Lingbao R&D Center has cooperated for the innovation and development of effect materials with Wuhan University, NanYang teaching Normal University
☆2015 Lingbao possesses 2 modernization factories with total annual capacity of more than 3000 tons.
☆2017 A new generation of environment-friendly LB pearl pigment makes its appearance.
Our Factory
Lingbao is a leading international manufactuer of pearlescent pigments. With a wide portfolio of products, we deliver intelligent color solutions to the coating plastic printing cosmetic ect industries. We make commits to: world class quality, advanced technical support, market driven innovations.
Established in 2001, now Lingbao is one of the leading company of global market and technology in the pearlescent pigments industry. With the annal capacity of 10,000mt pearlescent pigments, also an implemented and certified quality management based on the ISO9001, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and SPC (Statistical Process Control), ensures that Lingbao pearlescent pigments among the best in the market.
Focus on innovation and sustainability, Lingbao applied 5 patents on the processing technology of pearlescent pigments, bring fascinating colors to our customers and reduce the energy consumption in the mean time. With comprehensive investments in research and development, Lingbao is constantly extending it's leading position as an innovator and reliable partner.
Our Product
Natural mica Pearl Pigment, Synthetic mica pearl Pigment Chameleon series, Diamond series, Color Pigment, Sparkle Gold series, Magnetic series.
Product Application
Coating, Ink, Plastic, cosmetic.
Our Certificate
ISO9001, ISO14000, Reach, SGS,
Production Equipment
4 modernization factories One Auto-packing line, R&D center, Full set of quality control equipment. 4000 ton Capability
Production Market
40% European and USA, 20% Asia, 20% Middle east and Africa, 10% Australia.
Our Service
Our sales team is professional, international and bilingual with passionate drive. We are committed to provide prompt assistance with flexible work schedules according to the time differences.
All the orders have to go though sales team, production teams, application teams, quality control teams, packing teams and logistic teams. We only strive for better and better quality for customers.
Our experts have the specialist knowledge and the broad range of products to create fascinating effect in different applications. We help manufacturers lend a contemporary, high-quality appearance to many of their products.
With a wide portfolio of pearl pigments, we deliver intelligent color solutions to the coating plastic printing cosmetic ect industries.LB Pearl Pigment make commits to: world class quality, advanced technical support, market driven innovations,free samples,fast delivery and credit payments.Pearl Effect Pigment suppliers

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