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Entrar: 28/12/18
Posteado on 28/12/18 07:57  
Reindeer Folower Racks Made in China
Our History
We make the aluminum extrusion profiles 8years, and then make the aluminum flower planter and PVC flower box more than 5years.
Our Factory
We have own aluminum profiles and panel material factory and also planter composing workshop. The Factory zone has 13000square maters; the annual output is more than 50,000sets planters and 50,000 tons profiles.
Our Product
Aluminum profiles, aluminum planters, PVC flower box, fence, and other flower pots
Product Application
Gardening, outdoor, road guardrail, windows decoration, green projects
Our Certificate
Many patents for planter designing, and LED intelligent design
Production Equipment
Aluminum profile extrusion line, transfer printing line, Cutting lines
Production Market
Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, America
Our service
OEM, fashion design, high quality control, installation instructionReindeer Folower Racks Made in China

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