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Pang Wei finally arrived at the star that had been looking forward to the harvest for many years, and he was so excited that he released the star formula and formed a star array, secretly deducing the whereabouts of the divine iron. Jiao Fei took a look, he is not good at the art of deduction, then do not look, just wait patiently for Pang Wei to get the result, how to subdue that piece of iron, this is Pang Wei's own business. The method used by Pang Wei is very special. It is a kind of Qimen Dun Jia. After all, he can't use the number of Taiyi gods. I want to calculate the luck of Shentie itself. Qimen Dun Jia is unlikely, but it can barely be used to calculate the movement of the star and deduce where the divine iron is hiding. Jiao Fei waited for half a day, see Pang Wei suddenly a smile. "It looks like this is the place," he said. As soon as he urged the boat of Taishang, the two brothers controlled the boat of Taishang and quietly dived into the star. Although Jiao Fei himself practices the Tianhe Dharma, he has a lot of instruments with the quality of hardware. Thanks to the boundless power of Taixu's robe, it is also a treasure that does not touch the five elements, which is not restrained by the power of the star itself. Rao is so, Jiao Fei is now, his most proud swordsmanship can not be transported, 24 bridge bright moon night sword pills can not be used, but also quite a bit unhappy. "The magnetic energy on this star is so powerful," said the heart. "Why did Elder Martial Brother Pang Wei borrow my invisible sword?"? Clearly to be restrained by the source of the whole star, it seems not to be of much use. What's more, the magnetic force here can absorb all the hardware. What did Elder Martial Brother Pang Wei use to bring out that piece of divine iron? Jiao Fei thought about these things in the bottom of his heart, but saw Pang Wei without any change, obviously already had a well-thought-out plan. He knew that the elder brother was a steady man and would never come to look for treasure rashly without the slightest assurance, so he pressed these questions in his heart. Just according to Pang Wei's instructions, he controlled the boat of Taishang and flew slowly to a certain place. On the star of meteoric iron,Nail machine supplier, the magnetic essence is particularly rich. If you use flying sword instruments or other hardware instruments, you will not be able to move an inch. Thanks to the fact that Taishang's boat was no better than others, it was still unimpeded. Every time Pang Wei deduced a section, he told Jiao Fei how to fly. The two of them landed on the star of meteorite iron and flew for seven or eight hours. Pang Wei suddenly showed his excitement and said to Jiao Fei, "That piece of divine iron has long been channeled and has escaped from the heart of the earth, but it can't get rid of the gravity of this star.". I calculate that this thing is not far ahead. Younger Martial Brother Jiao Fei only needs to protect it for me. Jiao Fei answered, but saw that Pang Weici had changed to another kind of magic. It was not the original Yi Xing Jue that he had cultivated to the thirty-six great consummation, but a misty color light in the history of a hundred years. Jiao Fei was also a disciple of the Taoist school, and he immediately recognized it # 65533; # 6531o; # 65533; Whore weapons collapsed and the emperor stole it. # 65533; pay for thirst. π Zhong Cong Tiller Read Shuai Jun 1 t; BRgt; Pang Wei said with a smile, "I congealed the evil spirit with the primordial magnetic essence, and I refined the evil spirit with the bipolar magnetic light. Naturally, I became the primordial magnetic divine light. What's so strange about that?"? Had it not been for this magical power, how could I dare to look for treasure on this meteorite? Without the magic power of this door, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, I can't take that piece of iron away even if I get it! Jiao Fei smiled and said, "I was worried about the Elder Martial Brother. Since the Elder Martial Brother is prepared, of course the Younger Martial Brother has to wait and see." When Pang Wei's bipolar magnetic divine light was released, the boat of the six Yang seals was turned into a boat of the Supreme, and then it was light. Although originally not affected by the power of this star, but more or less there is always stagnation, after all, this star on the gas of gold and iron, yuan magnetic gas, it is too strong. But enveloped by the magnetic divine light of the two poles, the boat of Taishang suddenly became lighter and a hundred times more flexible than before. Only then did Jiao Fei secretly admire Pang Wei. You should know that Tianhe Zhengfa is not suitable for practicing yuan magnetic essence and bipolar magnetic light Gang Qi. If you cooperate with the magic of the gold department, it's okay. But with the foundation of Tianhe Zhengfa, it's absolutely difficult to practice these two Gang evil spirits. It's absolutely difficult for Dan to become the first grade, or even the second grade. It's most likely that Pang Wei is only Dan to become the third grade.
But with such a foundation, Pang Wei is still able to practice to refine the ninth layer of warmth, and even have the hope of refining the primordial spirit, it can not be said that Pang Wei practice only hard, only to the heart of the road, the opportunity is great. 244 Tianqing Sword Sect The sound flies originally the ring to think, the dry shape sword shows the carbon in the grain! A star with strong power is used. When he saw Pang Wei refining the magnetic light of the two poles, he felt very calm. "Where is the invisible boy?" He shouted. When the invisible boy heard his master's call, he immediately appeared and bowed to one side. "What do you want, sir?" He asked. Jiao Fei pointed to Pang Wei and said, "I want to use you temporarily on the stars like this, Brother Pang Wei.". Only when Elder Martial Brother Pang Wei refines the divine light of the two polar primordial magnetism, can he stay with you and not be absorbed by the force of the primordial magnetism of this star. You must listen to Elder Martial Brother Pang Wei and not be naughty! The invisible boy sighed twice, holding Pang Wei's wrists, but did not answer. Then Pang Wei said with a smile, "Invisible Sword, you have fallen into the hands of two excellent masters one after another. Naturally, your mood is high. It's just that the situation here is strange. You need to listen to my instructions.". Lest you fall, your master will not rest with me. Pang Wei knew that the invisible quantum was very big. Also dare not take big, just drink a clear, with its own bipolar magnetic divine light a connection, also do not use the True Qi to sacrifice this flying sword, such a method of transportation. It needs the great cooperation of the flying sword itself. Pang Wei knew that the invisible sword was Jiao Fei's, and it was impossible for him to sacrifice, but he could use it a little. It's enough to protect him. After Jiao Fei lent the invisible boy. Also thought a little. Now he can't use the Twenty-four Bridge Bright Moon Night Sword Pill, what should he do? What he is most used to is swordsmanship, and what he is best at is still swordsmanship, which is the most proficient in the 72 methods of Tianhe. Still is a few swordsmanship, did not take advantage of the flying sword, for Jiao Fei, is really quite not used to. Although the heart demon curse can also be used to refine into sword silk,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it is not as sharp as the real flying sword. Jiao Fei stretched out his hand and pressed his eyebrows. Now the Yin and Yang Green Mirage Bottle has been combined with the yuan Mirage Jue, and the yuan Mirage Jue has also been promoted to the fifth level of refining Qi. Whether it is the invisible sword or the Great Curse of Heart Demons, it is a level clearer than the former brother. 3shardware.com

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