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Break the sky
For this magma sea area, Xiao Yan knows very little, the only thing he can know is that this seems to be the place where the fallen heart inflammation was born, and as for whether this magma sea area has something else, he does not know anything, of course, perhaps for this piece of underground magma under the inner courtyard, even the elder Su Qian, is not very understanding of it. In the past, here is the residence of the falling heart inflammation, the strong in the inner courtyard is trying to seal the hole, so as not to be broken out, so naturally no one will take the initiative to enter it, and after the falling heart inflammation was subdued by Xiao Yan, Su Qian elder came down once, but when he saw the boundless magma, is quite afraid to turn away. After all, he is not Xiao Yan, although he has the super strength of Dou Zong, but in the face of this kind of underground magma world created by nature after countless years, it is still particularly small, so he can only put away the idea of exploring, quickly leave. Therefore, for this magma world, no one can give Xiao Yan any information, everything, is to rely on himself. In the vast and endless magma, a piece of red, and in this piece of red world, the rapid dive of the green Hokage, is particularly noticeable. In the green flame,Steel investment casting, Xiao Yan's face was tight and his eyes were full of dignity. He had been diving like this for nearly twenty minutes, and then the falling heart inflammation in front of him was still diving persistently, without the slightest sign of stopping, which made Xiao Yan dare not relax at all. Because of the deep dive, and even around the kind of pressure is more and more terrible, if not with the help of Liulianxinhuo, with Xiao Yan five-star Dou Huang's strength, it is absolutely impossible to support to the present, but even so, the situation is not optimistic, mobilize Liulianxinhuo,CNC machining parts, but also need a lot of fighting spirit, although the fire attribute energy in magma is very rich, it is impossible to support to the present. But it is also difficult to fill that kind of large-scale consumption, although this greatly delayed the time of exhaustion of fighting spirit, but after all, it is sooner or later, and Xiao Yan has to store enough fighting spirit to return to the magma. Thoughts flashed through the heart, Xiao Yan took another look at the front of the rapid flying fall of the heart inflammation, can not help but sigh lightly, this time, it seems a little hasty ah, this dangerous place, a little careless, afraid is the tragic end of burial ah. Raised the head, the eyes are red, this stereotyped vision, if not in the magma will be attached to the Xuanzhong ruler on the soul mark, I am afraid now Xiao Yan, has long lost its direction, and in this magma world lost its direction, no doubt only the last dead end. "Alas." With a sigh, die cast light housing ,metal stamping parts, Xiao Yan felt a faint fear from the bottom of his heart. Ignorance is the most terrible thing. In the face of this seemingly endless magma world, even if he has a falling heart inflammation, there is also a feeling of powerlessness. The sigh fell slowly, and when Xiao Yan set a final time bottom line in his heart, the falling heart inflammation flying rapidly in front of him suddenly slowed down slowly. Looking at this scene, Xiao Yan's spirit suddenly vibrated, and his heart became more and more cautious, and his eyes looked around carefully. Here is still a red world, it does not seem to be the end of this magma sea, because at the foot of Xiao Yan, or the kind of dark red magma, look carefully, faintly showing a touch of palpitating dark, people will never know, at the end of this underground, what is there? After scanning a circle, Xiao Yan couldn't help showing a lot of doubts in his eyes. There was nothing surprising here. Could it be that the inexplicable call emanated from here? In Xiao Yan's doubts, the falling heart in front of him suddenly drifted slowly, and then a faint fire poured down from it, which shone like a lamppost on a piece of magma not far below, and immediately, a magical scene appeared, only to see that the magma actually slowly wriggled up. Then a transparent circle of light emerged from the magma whirlpool.
Such a change, while making Xiao Yan surprised, but also completely mobilized the fighting spirit in the body, he has decided that if there is any sudden change, immediately turn around and run for life, can create such a mysterious scene in the magma, absolutely not now he can contend with, run for life, is the most rational choice. Under Xiao Yan's nervous gaze like facing a formidable enemy, the light transparent aperture of the picture was finally completely highlighted from the magma, and Xiao Yan's eyes were swept over at the first time. Because the aperture was transparent, it did not block Xiao Yan's line of sight, however, when his eyes swept in, he was stunned, his eyes filled with shock and disbelief. Because, in that circle of light, there is nothing else, there is only a skeleton that has been turned into a white bone, above the skeleton, emitting a faint fluorescence, so that Xiao Yan shocked, not the skeleton, but above the skeleton, a flame floating, the flame, transparent, like an invisible thing, others may be unfamiliar with this thing, but Xiao Yan is very familiar with it. Because this kind of flame, is the falling heart inflammation! Moreover, the transparent flame in the circle of light, Xiao Yan knew at a glance, is absolutely not what heart fire, but the real falling heart inflammation, that is to say, now appear in front of Xiao Yan, is actually another kind of falling heart inflammation? This moment, Xiao Yan head almost can not help but have a kind of dizzy feeling, the same place, how can have two kinds of the same fire? Besides, whose is that mysterious skeleton? All kinds of mysteries came to his head, so that Xiao Yan's brain almost turned into a mass of paste, and at a loss,DIN screw plug, his hair suddenly stood up upside down, because. A blazing wind was waft eerily towards him! Is there anyone else in this lifeless world of magma? At this moment, Xiao Yan's scalp could not help but tingle. Chapter 900 magmatic creatures. autoparts-dx.com

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