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Gold's sè fist flashed down to the head of the figure, and pounded it out without the slightest intention of leaving a hand. In this way, this strange figure looked as if it had made an appointment to take the initiative to get under the fist. As soon as the figure saw this, there was an unexpected expression on his pale face, but his body only twisted slightly, and his figure became blurred again. As soon as the wind rolled over, the golden sè fist flashed through the head of the winged figure, but it was empty, as if it had hit the void directly. And it was only when the already blurred figure really flashed like a bubble that it crumbled and scattered. Run away! Han Li turned around ghostly, his eyes swept away from another void nearby, and his eyebrows raised with a murmur. At this time he looked at the place, bbō moved slightly together, the figure with wings flashed eerily again, and looked at Han Li with cold eyes. It is the nv son of the Demons with wings. And in the vicinity of the robed old man, there is clearly another nv with wings quietly suspended in the original place. No matter the face expression or the dress, both of them are the same. It is the first time that Han Mou has seen the combination of illusion and concealment to such an extent. Had it not been for my spiritual vision and powerful mind, I would have thought you were still in the same place and had not made a move. Han Li said lightly, and in the voice just fell a moment, suddenly a finger to the robe next to the old man with wings nv son gently. A clap of thunder! A golden sè arc flicked out from the fingertip, and after a flash, it went down in front of the winged nv. "Poof!". The nv son near the robed old man turned into a little bit of white light and collapsed at the moment when the electric arc reached his body. It was just a phantom. When the robed old man and the real winged nv saw this, the God s sè changed slightly. But the next moment, the Demon nv son opened his mouth,die casting parts, and his voice was extremely cold: "Even if you can avoid this blow, what about the next time, the next time?" "Why, Daoyou is going to use the same means!"! Do you think the same thing will work for me? Han Li was slightly stunned, but immediately chuckled. It's really the same way. Take it well. After the evil spirit appeared on the face of the Demon clan's nv son, his wings suddenly rose behind him, and his body was blurred and disappeared again. And the next moment, Han Li on the other side of the bbō move together,alloy die casting, this nv figure flashed, two palms turned into a pair of dark claws to grasp it. When Han Li saw this, he shook his sleeve without thinking, and the light of a green sword came out in his face. After a flash of cold light, he chopped the winged nv into two pieces. But before the body turned over and fell down, a blur disappeared out of thin air. It was just a virtual shadow. At this time, the other side of the bbō move again, with wings nv son and a ghostly point of the void emerged, a double claw move, immediately countless claw awn hissed at Han Li a cover and down. Han Li slanted his head with an expressionless face and opened his mouth again. A thunder, a gold sè arc out of the air, directly hit the body with wings nv son, but a flash through the body, unexpectedly is not where the body is. But at this time Han Li on the top of the head is a flash of virtual shadow, with wings nv son figure has been eerily flashed out, wings shake down, car radiator cap ,Stainless steel foundry, countless black awn J jīshè and down. In this way, the winged nv son, with incredible escape skills, flashed out one after another around Han Li, far and near, and launched all kinds of stormy attacks, but he was like a ghost and was not harmed at all. Some meaning, as soon as the attack is over, it immediately moves away, leaving only a phantom to m míhuò the enemy. This kind of method is really interesting, but only when the illusion is practiced to the point of truth or falsehood, can it be concealed from the opponent. But this technique is of no use to me. Han Li's eyes flashed blue, and his mouth was quite interested in saying, but after the six arms of Sanskrit Dharma behind him suddenly moved, a golden sè sword appeared in each hand, and it was wildly split out in all directions, and all kinds of attacks were followed. Winged nv son to all this but as if not seen, the body is still ghostly in the vicinity of Han Li, and escape faster and faster, more and more ferocious attack, as if at the same time there are seven or eight people in the attack in general.
Han Li was as steady as Mount Tai in these attacks, and in the next few continuous attacks, after a little slow hand, immediately a sneer, a palm turned over, a flash of black light, a dark hill emerged in the palm of the hand. But did not wait for it to urge the hands of the extreme mountain, suddenly face s sè a change of the body surface a burst of "crackle" Lu luàn sound, countless gold arcs emerged from the body, and instantly turned into a layer of gold s sè electric clothes covering the body everywhere. And almost at the same time, all around the original diffuse light blood fog, unexpectedly suddenly a congealed re-turned into a root of blood, and snake-like have rushed to Han Li to play sh shè. Had it not been for Han Li's discovery a little earlier, I'm afraid he would have been attacked by these bloodshot people. Now he just suddenly urged the magic power in his body, and suddenly the golden s sè electric clothes on his body surface suddenly rose again, and just hit the bloodshot together. The sound of "grinning" was loud, and the golden electric clothes flashed wildly, and as soon as the bloodshot sank into them, they burst open with a low and muffled sound. A fog of blood filled the air, and Han Li's body was submerged in it. The fog of blood just rolled a few times and became very sticky, and there were countless runes of blood flashing faintly inside. The robed old man standing in the distance stopped the law that was secretly urging him, and at the same time he shouted with great joy: "Fairy Ling, if you don't use your magical powers now, when will you have to wait?" "Well, you don't have to tell me, I'll do the same." With a cold reply, the figures near the blood fog flashed at the same time, and seven generally unique figures with wings emerged around them. As soon as the seven nv sons of the Demons, who did not know whether they were true or false, appeared, and at the same time,titanium machining parts, they rubbed their hands together, and each of them emerged a black and red s sè magic banner, and then threw it over the blood fog at the same time. autoparts-dx.com

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