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Sword Sea Love Waves
Male pseudo-hero, do everything possible to find us to worship in the dark, but in public they want the halberd to scold us thousands of nuns, ten thousand An adulteress. If he follows us, will he be a man in the future? You! I'm really obsessed with phlegm. In my opinion, you should let him go. "" Fen-faced Guanyin smiled tartly and said, "Sister Master, do you want her to be released?"? It was like cutting off a piece of flesh from her heart! Look, there Boy Jian Mei Qiong nose, lips like Tu Dan, face love, calf-like figure, you think she can give up, sister in the long term Catch a big fish and set a ten-year plan to cultivate people! Smiling Guanyin spat at her and scolded her with a fierce laugh, "You can't grow ivory in a dog's mouth. Are you really not afraid of hurting the Yin?"? Lack De! I really have the heart to make him. I don't care about the fate and fortune in the future. Fen-faced Avalokitesvara added, Younger Martial Sister! You are wishful thinking. May I ask your future master, do you know that he is willing? Smiling Guanyin said with a charming smile, "Don't worry!"! At the age of 14 or 15, he just understood human affairs and was full of curiosity, so he was willing and obedient. Come with us. I have something to say first. In the days of laying the foundation for him, you are not allowed to tease him. I will not lose Zhenyuan. According to. Guanyin gave a tut and said, "Don't be a rare commodity. I don't like tender buds."! Give it to me and thank you. Min. Fen-faced Guanyin looked down at her meaningfully and said, "It seems that Younger Martial Sister has really moved the truth. It's a deal, as long as he doesn't come." Entangling us, let you be satisfied! Maybe you'll regret it for the rest of your life, and destroy you and destroy him. With that, I saw it. Wen Jun sighed at a glance. Three people talk about it and look at the dawn in the east. Smiling Guanyin stretched out her hand to untie Wenjun's sleeping hole and gently lifted him up. Smiling Guanyin's face was filled with maternal brilliance and called softly. "Little girl," he said, "the night is over. Get up!"! What is this place? Wen Jun was carried by someone in a muddle and was unconscious. He only remembered that two figures, one white and one black, rushed at him with a delicate fragrance. Nose, lost consciousness in Tingzhijiao's call. At this time, I woke up from a good dream, and at a glance,die casting parts, I could see the pine in the room, and there were three clear eyes in front of me. The beautiful nun is more fragrant than before. First he was stunned, then he struggled to sit up straight and asked in a panic, "Excuse me?" Shigu, why am I here? What is this place? Smiling Guanyin replied, "Last night in the woods at the foot of the mountain, the robbers almost killed you. I didn't." I saved your life. I don't know what this place is. Wen Jun suddenly remembered a fight with the broken soul knife at night, and suddenly jumped up. After a fierce fight last night, where did he The ragged coat was already in pieces, and as soon as it jumped up, the upper body was almost bare. He was ashamed to face three nuns. He was so ashamed of himself that he quickly covered his chest with two rags with both hands. His face was flushed and he said hurriedly, "Xiao Ke, thank Shigu for saving my life." De, but I don't know where my brother and sister are now? Sonny was amused at his blushing embarrassment and nodded to himself. Smiling Guanyin suppressed her laughter, shook her head and answered casually, "There is a good killing in the forest."? Fright all over the earth, and those who escape with their lives do not Duo, deep draw stamping ,metal stamping parts, your brother and sister are afraid of being lost. Don't think about them! Life and death are boundless, don't mourn for the dead; the future is long, you should mourn for the future I'm going to. Wen Junxing's eyes flashed and he asked in a harsh voice, "Do you know the names of those evil thieves?" Smiling Guanyin said with a straight face, "You have to throw these things away now. There are two villains in the universe and a tyrant in Jianghu. No one dares to provoke him." Guys. Not to mention revenge, even the name of the nomination, there are unexpected disasters. Stay in the green hills, do not worry about firewood, good boy, in the future Tell me Wen Jun gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, stay here. Let's talk about it later.". I have to find my foster brother and sister? Skeleton. Help, big En, no teeth unforgettable, small can be reported after the picture, that is to say goodbye. With that, he strode and turned to go. "Wait a minute," said the smiling Goddess of Mercy! It's too dangerous to be reckless at the moment. If you want to rush outside, none of us can think about it. Live! Wen Junbing stopped and was stunned in the local area.
Smiling Guanyin also said, "Think twice before you do anything. Now they are going out to search for our whereabouts. Don't be careless.". Here It's the remaining vein of Jingshan Mountain. It's hard for the thieves to find us here for a while. Three days later, the wind will slow down a little, and we can come out of the mountain. What's your name, little man? What's your name? Wen Jun turned around and replied, "Xiao Ke's surname is Mei, and his name is Wen Jun.". Ask the teacher to call the Buddha. Smiling Avalokitesvara said her name and introduced the two Elder Martial Sisters to her, saying, "Perhaps you have heard about it long ago, in Jianghu." Are you afraid to call me Samsara, a succubus reviled by everyone? Wen Jun was stunned. He remembered the two ugly men on the Jingshan official road. Didn't they say that the kite was tracking the three prostitutes? Ni, just for the sake of Jiuru Jade Pendant. Maybe it's a preconceived idea! He did not believe that the three beautiful immortals in front of him looked solemn. The female brothers of the Buddhists will be the evil nuns in the mouth of those evil spirits, but in order to appear in the ancient forest last night, the smiling Guanyin appeared in time. Saved his life under the golden back broadsword of the broken soul knife. So his perception of Sanni was different. Seeing that he hesitated, the smiling Goddess of Mercy said coldly, "Things in the world have their own causes and effects. Different people have different opinions, and there is no consensus.". Yes Yes, when it comes to Sanyin Miaoni in Jianghu, some people hate it deeply, and some people have fantasies. But I can tell you, you're still one. A child with a yellow mouth. Not deeply involved in the world, or a blank sheet of paper, to say to you is equal to waste energy, right and wrong are also difficult to distinguish for a while. I Although the three are disciples of Buddhism, they are also sinners of Buddhism. The Buddhists attach great importance to the abstinence from prostitution, but we are called nuns. Among them, cause As a result, we have difficulties and are not enough for outsiders. Buddha says that appearance is emptiness, and emptiness is appearance. If you can't understand the mystery, you will die without being buried. In a word, good and evil things in the world are in our hearts. We are not afraid of gossip and slander, but we have a clear conscience. Fen-faced Avalokitesvara also said with a straight face, "Waer, after three or five years of experience in Jianghu, you will be able to understand the goodness of the world." Evil, understand right and wrong. At present,non standard fasteners, we are in the midst of adversity, which can be said to be the same fate of life and death. If you despise being with us, I. autoparts-dx.com

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