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Cuixiu Yuhuan-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise
Lan Jiafeng said to herself, "Wei Gang is sullen by nature, and his emotions are unpredictable. It takes some tricks to deal with him." With a sigh in his heart, he said, "As far as the martial arts of the twelve gold hairpins are concerned, naturally they don't need help from others. Besides, no one else can help them. But it's also a very important thing for them to come and have a look." Wei Gang said, "In today's world, there is no one but a girl. It's just for the moment." Lan Jiafeng said, "Your situation at the moment is different from that in the past. Therefore, you can't be the same as in the past in terms of being a person and doing things.". They can't help you, but they must be present. You are helping Wulin colleagues now. If they see the truth, they will spread it widely. After this, you will be a respected figure in Wulin. Wherever you go, all the people in Wulin will walk backwards to greet you. "I see," said Wei Gang. "I've never thought of that." Lan Jiafeng said, "These respects come from the bottom of one's heart. They are thousands of times more glorious than the Supreme Wulin who commands Wulin and commands Jianghu." Wei Gang laughed and said, "Well, if I have this honor,hydraulic fitting supplier, you will be generally respected by them." Lan Jiafeng said, "a wife is more important than her husband. I am one of you, and naturally I can share your glory.". Wei Gang sighed softly and said, "When I was in Jianghu, I had too many evil deeds. My hands were bloody. Even if I saved the great disaster in Wulin, I'm afraid they may not respect me." Lan Jiafeng said in her heart, "I also told you that you didn't know that you had been on guard. I didn't expect that you had done it knowingly. You really deserved to die." But the situation forced Lan Jiafeng to try to comfort each other and said softly,ball valve manufacturer, "Although you killed a lot of people in the past, it was only a matter for a few people.". Now you are saving the whole Wulin. In comparison, it is not the same. "All right," said Wei Gang, "I'll go and find Wang Xiu." "You don't have to work," said Lan Jiafeng. "Now you and Lan Tianyi are facing each other. We can take the initiative to attack each other, or they can attack the lower house of Wushan first. This must be prevented. "Not bad," said Wei Gang! The girl is resourceful and will be of great help to me in the future. "I hope you will listen to me," said Lan Jiafeng. Wei Gang smiled and said, "Didn't I do everything according to you?" Lan Jiafeng stretched out his hand. Holding Wei Gang's right hand gently, he said softly, "I'm going to see Wang Xiu. You have to get ready, too. I'll come back as soon as possible and decide the time for us to start." Wei Gang felt the greasy and soft jade fingers touching his skin. Suddenly, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, he felt the chair moving and his heart beating faster. He bent his left hand and took Lan Jiafeng into his arms. Lan Jiafeng gritted her teeth in the dark and waited for him to be gentle for a moment, but when he saw the fire of desire in his eyes, he hurriedly pushed Wei Gang away and said, "Hurry up!"! Let's split up. "Be careful," said Wei Gang. "Never mind," said Lan Jiafeng. "I'll take six swallows and seven swallows with me." "You'd better take a few more people with you," said Wei Gang. Lan Jiafeng nodded and said, "I'll take care of you." This sentence was so affectionate that Wei Gang laughed and turned away with joy and sweetness. Lan Jiafeng greeted Liu Yan and Qi Yan and hurried to the place where Wang Xiu and others stopped. Besides, Fang Xiumei quietly slipped away from the back window and rushed back to the cottage. On the way, she saw Wang Xiu waiting by the edge of the forest. Standing alone under an old elm by the side of the road, this man, who was known as the divine operator and had a wide range of ideas, was in a trance with a dignified and worried face. Obviously, the development of the matter has gone beyond his wisdom, making the recognized wise star in Jianghu also have the sadness of lack of wisdom and powerlessness. Fang Xiumei stopped and said, "Brother Wang, what's the matter? I want to be so absorbed.".
” Wang Xiu didn't seem to see Fang Xiumei at all, but he seemed to have expected her to come. He held his eyes slowly and stared at Fang Xiumei's face for a while. He said in a heavy tone, "How is the girl?" Fang Xiumei knows the meaning of this sentence. Now Wulin is facing an unprecedented disaster, and is facing the last chance of survival. The evil face of the situation makes wisdom powerless. The only solution is a face-to-face fight of life and death. Fang Xiumei felt that every word of Wang Xiu's question, like iron, was broken in her heart, but she forced herself to endure the severe pain in her heart and said slowly, "Miss Lan is very good!"! Her voice was still trembling, though she tried to control the excitement in her heart. Wang Xiu's eyes suddenly brightened, and the sorrow on his face seemed to have subsided a lot. He said in a deep voice, "Miss Blue has sacrificed her innocence for the sake of the overall situation.." She wanted to say that she had sacrificed her innocent body, but when the words came to her mouth, she felt that it was not easy to say. Fang Xiumei felt that her nostrils were sour and she could not bear it. Two lines of hot tears burst out of her eyes. She turned her face away in a hurry and wiped away the tears. Wang Xiu heaved a sigh of relief and said, "What's so rare?"? She is very young. To have such a broad mind is really a moving tear. As soon as Fang Xiumei gritted her teeth and endured the bitterness in her heart, she sighed softly and said, "She is a very clever girl.". "Brother Wang can't be measured by common sense." Wang Xiu answered, "She has benefited this generation of Wulin colleagues. Although her body has been defiled, her soul and bearing will always be respected by the people in Wulin." Fang Xiumei gave a hum and said, "Really?" 。 Wang Xiu said with a straight face, "Of course it is. Don't you think that Miss Lan sacrificed her innocence to save the world and save all living beings?"? There are you and me in the middle. Fang Xiumei smiled faintly and said, "That's true, but.." "But we can't let it get to Jiang Xiaofeng's ears," said Fang Xiumei. "Of course," said Wang Xiu. "That's it," said Fang Xiumei. "Let's go."! Let's go back and discuss it with them. "With whom?" Asked Wang Xiu. Fang Xiumei said, "We must try to persuade Jiang Xiaofeng. Anyway, if he wants to be patient,stainless steel tube fitting, Brother Wang had better arrange it so that he won't see Lan Jiafeng and Wei Gang at the same time." Wang Xiu nodded and said, "Well, listen to the girl and try not to let Jiang Xiaofeng see Lan Jiafeng and Wei Gang at the same time." 。 chinaroke.com

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