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Demon-seeking _ ear root _ txt novel paradise
Until Su Ming came to the hundreds of people who had just arrived, his footsteps did not stop, but there was a pressure that only these hundreds of people could perceive, suddenly spread from Su Ming. This pressure, for these hundreds of monks, like Tianwei, let them feel the moment, Qi Qi mind violent shock, a feeling that Su Ming can control their life and death, a strong emergence. This feeling is very real, and even they are shocked to find that their heartbeat and others have maintained the same frequency, and this frequency belongs to Su Ming. Su Ming's heart beat, and their hearts beat with it. This strange scene made hundreds of people retreat when Su Ming came, and even dozens of people were pale and roaring in their minds. The pressure of the soul from Su Ming's body made them seem to collapse. There seemed to be a strong will in their minds to kneel down and worship Su Ming. It seemed that if they did not kneel down, they would perish. It seemed that if they did not kneel down, their souls would not follow. One of the young men, trembling with a splash, became the second person to kneel after the big fellow. Then, the second, the third, the fourth.. These hundreds of people, when Su Ming came, knelt down one by one,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, until Su Ming came to the front of Zhao Laozu, hundreds of people around the purple stone tablet, have all knelt down on the ground. Zhao Laozu's eyes had long been withdrawn from the nothingness above, and had just condensed on Su Ming's body. As Su Ming came, as hundreds of people around him knelt down, the strong will in his mind pressed him to breathe quickly, making the veins on his face bulge, and sweat permeated his whole body. He was fighting against the will in his body, against his own soul. As the ancestor of the Zhao family,tube fitting manufacturer, he would never kneel down to people. But the strong will in his body was not cultivation, but soul. It was a different level of rolling, which made the ancestor of the Zhao family tremble more and more violently, and even sent out bursts of low roar. We meet again. Su Ming stood in front of the ancestors of the Zhao family and opened his mouth calmly. Zhao Laozu did not say a word, because he could not speak at the moment, all his strength was used in the confrontation of the soul, a little slack, afraid that he would immediately control his body and kneel down. This is the second, because even if the other side let him kneel down, it is only the body, really let Zhao Laozu fear, and even regret that he should not step into a different place in order to avoid the pursuit, is his feeling at the moment, in the soul of his own soul confrontation, he found that his mind is not only fear of Su Ming, more awe, brass tube fitting ,14 tube fitting, and even there is a sense of compliance that can not be resisted. This is not only the feeling of his body, but also his soul, everything in his mind. It seems that after stepping into this place, there is one more controller and one more master in his life. Su Ming did not speak again, so he stood quietly in front of Zhao Laozu, hundreds of people around him knelt down, more peripheral, tens of thousands of people witnessed this behind the scenes, one by one has been stunned. In their minds, at the moment all came up with a word that Su Ming had just said. Tribute. "What good fortune did he get in the world of stone tablets? How could he." How can it be so powerful? "Even the rules obey him, and the land of stone tablets has changed twice, which must be the reason why he can be so powerful!" "What did he do, what did he get, why did hundreds of people kneel down?" Can it be said that he. Became the rule? "Even if his stone tablet reached one hundred thousand Zhang, even if he mastered part of the power of the divine source, but in my memory, none of those people whose stone tablet reached one hundred thousand Zhang in the years before this place could compare with him.". Not to mention one hundred thousand feet, even those two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand or even more people can not do this. There were no buzzing comments, but there were guesses that came to mind in a look of awe, which turned into an invisible storm in the minds of tens of thousands of people around. Zhao Laozu's sweat flowed all over his body, his body trembled more and more violently, his eyes were bloodshot, his expression showed despair, and his body slowly. After kneeling down until his knees touched the ground, he, like the others around him, knelt around Su Ming.
It was almost the moment when the ancestors of the Zhao family knelt down. Suddenly, there was a loud rumbling noise from the nothingness above. A huge crack suddenly seemed to be torn open. A long laugh echoed, and a man stepped out of the crack. Thousands of years, I returned here, Zhao Tiangang you old bastard, you think fled here, you can find the reason why I am strong, in fact, the real purpose of me, is to force you to come here! Let you experience the pain that you forced me to hide here in the endless sinking. Your people have been given thousands of deaths by the old man. You can rest assured that when the old man's stone tablet becomes two hundred thousand feet, I will go out for another thousand years and kill all your people. When the laughter spread all over the place, everyone here noticed an old man in a blue robe coming from nothingness. One hundred thousand Zhang stone tablet owner, this person is. Gongsun Yin! "It's him. It's Gongsun Yin who left here a thousand years ago. He's back." Many of the people around immediately recognized the identity of the old man. The old man was ugly and his hair was scattered, but Xiu Wei had reached the late stage of the position. He looked proud and was coming. But when he saw the old ancestor of the Zhao family kneeling in front of Su Ming, his voice immediately paused, and his look was even more stupefied. Zhao Laozu was silent, and the long laughter and voice in his ears made him lower his head, and an indescribable complex mood turned into desolation and bitterness in his heart. He did not look up at the enemy who had killed most of his Zhao family and forced him to hide in a different place, because the moment he knelt down, he was desperate. But Su Ming, in front of him, raised his head. Mo Mou's tribute, only Mo Mou can reprimand, what are you? Su Ming opened his mouth lightly. Volume IV Rise of the Divine Source Chapter 845 Leave the Distant Land T When Su Ming's words came out,12 needle valve, the old ancestor of the Zhao family in front of him immediately shook his body, looked up fiercely, and stared at Su Ming in a daze. He never thought that Su Ming would help him. chinaroke.com

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