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Full-time Master Complete Perfect Intensive Edition
In the tenth district at this time, the first rank finally crossed the level 30 mark last night. New skills and new equipment are naturally an improvement in strength. And one of the biggest changes from level 30: the appearance of class suits. The professional suit usually improves the level or power of some skills of the profession, and the additional attributes of the suit collection naturally improve the strength to a certain extent. Starting from level 30, it is no longer a weapon alone that can determine whether it is powerful or not. A character who has collected a suit will be very different from one who has not. Although the low-level equipment is still only a transition in the end, but for the big guilds who want to grab all kinds of records, at least to ensure that the output ability of the elite team to maintain a first-line level, these transitional equipment also have to pursue. When it comes to records, the major guilds are basically watching the place where the bones are buried at the last moment. Such as the Blue River and the Night Cold Pool, which have good friends of Jun Moxiao, all know that Jun Moxiao has been promoted to level 28 after last night, which is no longer able to brush the copy record of the place where the bones are buried. If there are some scruples in the Jia Dynasty, don't laugh, dare not grab the record with him again, then this time should also be able to rest assured of the hand. If the record of the place where the bones are buried cannot be changed now, it can at least explain that the master of the Jia Dynasty has finally been suppressed by Jun Moxiao. The copy record of the tenth district is really decided by Jun Moxiao. Blue River and Yedu Hantan are two direct friends, and the presidents of other major guilds also have their own ways to inquire about the news. They stared at the place where the bones were buried for a day, but there was no change in the record. It was not until the wee hours of the morning that the number of new deputies came out, and everyone watched for an hour or two at the last minute, and finally confirmed the judgment. Suddenly, Jun Moxiao was really put on the agenda by the major guilds, and he had to start fighting for it. This side of the Blue River is taking the lead. He and Jun Moxiao's cooperation is the first not to say,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, now Jun Moxiao that team is still hanging in the name of Lanxi Pavilion, and the last early preface, this opening is logical: "Brother, what do you think of the last thing?" "I'll think about it again!" Ye Xiu answered. Brother must understand it! Now all the guilds know how powerful you are, but if you always work under your name, the final list will be full of your name, and the guilds will not look good on their faces. In the end,needle valve manufacturer, it is your Jun Moxiao, not the guilds, which I don't think any guild wants to see. As for you, brother, I don't think you're here for fame, are you? The Blue River is quite clear in its analysis. Well, what you're saying is, maybe I shouldn't have used my own account. Ye Xiu said. Ah Blue River was stunned after hearing this. Do not use their own account, yes, this is the spirit of professional play. In fact, the guild looking for a substitute, but also prefer to be such a master. Such as Jun Moxiao directly open their own number out to work, of course, it is also very common, but when working to brush the record of the list, 38 tube fitting ,pipe fittings manufacturer, this is really not done. Frankly speaking, the top players on the list, on the contrary, all the major guilds can afford it, and there has never been a role like this Jun Moxiao who stepped on the record of the elite team for a few minutes. Brother, are you going to. Blue River asked tentatively. So I said I was still thinking about it! Ye Xiu said. Then tell me your answer at the first time. Blue River was helpless, and he didn't know how to say it for a while. At the same time, Night Cold Pool also had a similar analysis with Blue River, but did not make a preface like Blue River, so at this time it was allowed to buy out the luxury treatment, Ye Xiu responded with "to consider". In addition, a mess of friend applications, plus a look at all the major guilds, the glory alliance of 20 teams in the game to foster the guild, came to communicate with Ye Xiu has been more than half, Ye Xiu are all "considering" the reply, but this is not seen in the thatched cottage. What to do? Ye Xiu hesitated. When he said "thinking," he wasn't saying that. He was really thinking. The development of things is not as smooth as he expected, if it is Liu Hao's disturbance, although it was eventually suppressed, but the destruction has been formed.
For example, Tang Rou and Baozi are now being harassed by the news. If Liu Hao hadn't come out to make trouble, where would Ye Xiu need to take so many people to work collectively? Because several people are bombarded with news, the progress of this copy is a little slow. At level 28, several people are playing a new copy of level 28-30: the land of death. Of course, the new copy is also in the new map, and the map is naturally called the land. According to the setting description of Glory, it is a gathering place for a group of homeless people, advocating the strong and respecting the strength. The Xiaoguai in the level training area are all kinds of vagrants. And the copy of the land is another gathering place in the land, which is described as gathering the strongest gang of hooligans in the land. The copy of the record just hit a new high in the early hours of this morning, and the record is currently in the hands of Lanxi Pavilion. The elite team of Lanxi Pavilion is undoubtedly the team that guarantees the level 30 Ziwu and professional suits. Looking at this result, Ye Xiu feels that it will take some time for their level 28 team to break through. In the team, Tian Qi and Yuezhongmian are familiar with the copy, but lack of technology; Tang Rou and Baozi invasion are both skilled, but this copy is really the first time, very strange. It took more than two hours to finish brushing three times. The number of copies of the land of displacement is only three times a day. Several people gathered outside the copy, ready to brush the copy of the place where the bones were buried. Although the level is higher, but the copy of Xiaoguai, after all, is an elite monster, plus the additional rewards of the copy of customs clearance, how to gain experience is faster than brushing Xiaoguai directly in the training area. The place where the bones are buried, a team of five people has just finished brushing the copy record of the place where the bones are buried. The procession is composed of white night, black day, fallen angels, clouds,38 needle valve, grey moon and fallen leaves. After the three records came out, all four of them looked rather embarrassed. Not to mention the top of the record list, their final record is far worse than the third place. chinaroke.com

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