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The West Emperor amuses the beauty
"Ah!"! Good pain piece of Begonia exclaimed, tears of pain in the eyes. She was so careless that she "knitted" the fingers of her left hand into the cloth, and the silk thread sank into her flesh, which made her cry out in pain. Just be careful! Which girl is this? She is not only careless, but also clumsy. How can she find her husband's family?! The women workers gathered around and tried to help out. A tall figure stepped forward, and everyone was stunned. At the moment of recognizing the man, they were all frightened and stiff. King Xiao. The women workers knelt on the ground with great trepidation, and the other women workers were also surprised and quickly knelt down in place. The picture of hundreds of people kneeling down together was spectacular. King Xiao always only looked at the new silk outside. Why did he step into the weaving field today? Xuanyuan Xiao stood in front of the loom, staring at the crabapple sitting in front of the loom with deep eyes, and a trace of helplessness appeared on his harsh face. Purr What are you looking at? Come and save me! Begonia sniffed and said pitifully. It's all him! As soon as she came, she attracted people's attention, and let everyone see her ugly appearance, and her face was completely lost. What the hell are you doing? He frowned and stepped forward. Although her tone was stern, her movements were gentle, and with a slight swing of the knife, she cut the meridian and saved her unfortunate fingers. I just want to learn how to weave cloth. How can I know that this loom is so difficult to control? She said innocently, being held down from the front of the weaving, her petite body close to his broad chest. His tall body was like a haven for her,touch screen kiosk, and as long as she leaned on him, she felt a sense of peace. To be able to control this loom alone, it takes at least seven years to learn. You can't do any fur, and you will only waste silk thread on the loom. He rubbed her fingers and watched carefully. The tender skin was red, but fortunately it was not twisted and there would be no wound. Does it hurt? He asked again. Purr She nodded in tears. Fingertips are red, how can it not hurt? What nonsense is he asking! He stroked his red fingertips, then put his delicate fingers to his lips,temperature screening kiosk, stretched out his tongue and licked them, imitating her previous behavior and soothing her pain. Begonia's brain went blank with a bang, staring at him dumbfounded, only to feel his cheeks suddenly burning. Why does a good thing become so sensational and attractive when it is done by him? She watched him stick out his tongue, lick her skin, and then put her fingertips in his mouth. "I don't hurt anymore!" She said hurriedly, her cheeks red, and she pulled back her hand and struggled to the ground. The women workers enlarged their courage and stared at the two men, guessing the identity of Begonia in their hearts. Never seen the unsmiling Xiao Wang, which woman has such a gentle manner, although the face is not good-looking where to go, but at least the eyes of the leak, face recognition identification ,thermal imaging camera, is absolute concern. Who is the woman who can make Xiao Wang care so much? A little girl, about five years old, came over with a cup of tea, probably the child of a woman worker, who was going to serve tea to her mother. A careless, unexpectedly carried the Xuanyuan roar, the hot tea in the teacup all spilled out. The little girl looked up with her eyes wide open. As soon as she saw Xuanyuan Xiao's face, her mouth was flat and her eyes were full of tears. You're not burning, are you? A soft female voice came, and the little girl sniffed in confusion. Why does this uncle with a scary face have such a nice voice? Begonia's little face came out from behind Xuanyuan Xiao and patted the little girl on the head. The child was timid and wanted to cry immediately when he saw his face was not good. Xuan yuan. Begonia called out, really can not bear to see. He glanced down at her, the same cool face that made people tremble. Laugh She poked the corners of his mouth with her forefingers and raised them forcibly. The little girl was scared to cry. Why did he still have a cool face? This action scared all the people present out of a cold sweat. Just call the surname of Xiao Wang, this little woman actually put the face of Xiao Wang like clay, hanging arbitrarily to play?! Begonia bent down to pick up the little girl and came to Xuanyuan Xiao's side. She said softly to the little girl, "Don't be afraid. This uncle just looks a little ugly, but he won't be fierce.".
Come on, feel it, he won't bite! She held the little girl's hand and touched Xuanyuan Xiao's face. The little girl wiped her tears, summoned up her courage and looked at Xuanyuan Xiao to make sure that his expression was not cold, and her little hand was relieved to wipe his face lightly. I'm sorry She apologized in a whisper. Xuanyuan Xiao nodded stiffly, not used to being touched by such a small child. For as long as he could remember, as soon as the children touched his eyes, they were frightened to cry on the spot as if they had seen a monster, and none of them dared to approach him, let alone touch him. He had always thought that it was the blood belonging to Xuanyuan Wuji in his body that made people fear him; he even thought that the residents of the Western Wilderness should hate him deeply in their hearts, after all, he was the son of a tyrant, a man who had been ordered to rule them. But in the child's pure eyes, he did not see any hatred and disgust. With the gentle touch, the fear in the child's eyes became clear. Uncle, are you angry? The childish voice asked cautiously. He shook his head, and there was something hard in his heart that slowly melted, similar to the emotion when Begonia saw the old wound on his back and cried for him. The little girl's hand touched his shoulder and tried to clap his arm with difficulty. He raised his arm, and the little girl took his hand and groped for it on the dark skin. I just burned you with hot water. Do you feel painful? I'll blow for you. She gave him a sheepish smile. Xuanyuan Xiao looked at the little girl carefully touching the place where she was scalded by the hot water, and a soft feeling quietly came to her mind, which was not a bad feeling. He narrowed his eyes slowly, then turned his eyes to Begonia, who was holding the little girl with a smile on her lips. It's not difficult, is it? Begonia asked softly, put down the little girl, came forward,temperature scanning kiosks, took Xuanyuan Xiao's arm, pulled him to the pile of silk hills. A little bit a day, she could always teach him. hsdtouch.com

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