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The man who wears fast always plays tricks on me.
So the hungry Ye Shuyu was ready to eat. However, what made her feel helpless was that she searched all over the single apartment, which was not too big or too small, but did not find anything to eat. The fridge was empty, the kitchen was clean and there was hardly anything to eat. I have no choice but to go out to look for food. In fact, at this time, Ye Shuyu is not willing to go out. Why is that? One is because of hunger, hungry, really do not have the strength to go out. What's more, she is now being blackened by the whole network. Who knows if she will be so unlucky to meet someone who knows her throwing rotten eggs at her when she goes out? With her present skill and physical condition, she has no strength to avoid rotten eggs. But not without going out. Most people in this world like to add flowers to the brocade, as for timely help. Just think about it. Don't take it too seriously. Under such circumstances, can Ye Shuyu expect anyone to help her at such a time? Of course not. What's more, the so-called friends of the host body in the past had disappeared as early as the time of her frequent black material, and now they did not know which corner they had died. In a word, like the treatment in the TV series that the protagonist is down and out and is accompanied by his best friend, Ye Shuyu does not have it. If you don't have a noble person to accompany you,smart interactive whiteboard, you can only be self-reliant. Forget it. It's better to rely on yourself than to rely on others. Go out and buy something to eat first. Ye Shu thought so and sighed helplessly. With the memory of the host body to the bedroom to take the coat and wallet, Ye Shuyi thought about it, and took out a pair of toad glasses and masks to put on. In this way, it should not be recognized, right? After deciding to dress up, he felt that his safety factor had risen a lot,temperature check kiosk, and Ye Shuyu finally went out at ease. The world of science and technology is convenient, whether it is eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment. There was a large supermarket not far from her apartment, and because she had enough money, she hoarded food for almost a month. There are staple foods, vegetables, snacks and instant noodles. This can support her for a long time, right? Ye Shuyi thought as he swept a lot of his favorite snacks from the shelves of the supermarket. She won't admit that she likes these little snacks in the world. After buying things, Ye Shuyu went home with big bags and small bags. But as soon as she reached the door of the apartment, she was frightened. Who can tell her where so many reporters come from? She is just a broker, face recognition identification kiosk ,outdoor digital signage displays, although she was once named a gold broker, but after all, she is not a popular star. As for being down and out, did it attract so many reporters to pursue? Ye Shuyu felt that the whole person was not good. When she was thinking about where she should go to avoid the limelight, she suddenly found that these reporters did not seem to be directed at her. Are there other celebrities in the neighborhood where she lives? "Ye Shuyu thought so, and suddenly found that the crowd began to riot." It's there. It's there. Chi Ying Wang is there. Let's go quickly. Reporter A suddenly shouted in surprise. Immediately afterwards, reporter B also said: "Ah, it's really the best actor in the pool!"! Go, go, go. Then a large group of people clattered toward the direction pointed out by reporter A. The gate of the community, which had been blocked, was suddenly empty. It's a good opportunity. Ye Shuyu was preparing to sneak home while there were few people, but she was not so lucky that she bumped into a man who had also wrapped herself up at the gate. Then, the food she bought was flying everywhere. Ye Shuyu: "!!!" Time seemed to be suddenly pressed the pause button, and Ye Shuyu felt that the whole world stood still at that moment. Who can tell her why someone else's posture after bumping into someone is falling down, but she is being eaten tofu?! Being held tightly by someone around the waist, Ye Shuyu felt that the whole person was not good. In particular, that someone looks so ***ing familiar. Why are you again? Ye Shuyu has no good airway. Hearing this, Chi yuan gently hooked his lips, without any embarrassment after being caught. Let me help you. He said. The tone is particularly proud and special. I need a beating. Ye Shuyu had an impulse to smash the handsome face in front of him.
She had a bad feeling in her heart now. So, the savior in 003's mouth is not referring to someone who is smiling at her with a gorgeously dressed face, is it? If that's the case, she wants to refuse. Seemed to hear the voice of Ye Shuyu's heart, in order to prevent her from being hit by a crit that was not big enough, she made up a sentence like a knife. Bingo, congratulations. Bingo. "In order to help you complete the task faster and better, we have set up a task assistant for you, Mr. Ikebuchi. I hope you can cooperate happily." The voice of 003 sounds very cheerful, and it seems to be looking forward to seeing Ye Shuyu's good play. Ye Shuyu really had nothing to say at this time. She gritted her teeth and decided to endure it. Big deal does not want this God to assist (pig teammate) well, she can complete the task as well. When he thought about it, Ye Shuyu felt much better. Who wants your help? Ye Shuyu snorted and disdained to say. Then she suddenly found herself being eaten tofu by someone, and her heart suddenly gave birth to a bad breath. You let go of me. She said ferociously to Chi yuan. Originally, Chi yuan didn't want to let her go, because the feeling of holding her was really good. Just, looking at her a pair of obviously want to explode the appearance of hair, Chi yuan in the end or unwilling to let go of her. Ye Shuyu doesn't really want to see this angry face now. She thought that this time the bastard surnamed Chi would not follow her again, after all, after inquiring from him before, she had made it clear to him that he was not allowed to follow her secretly. And he said yes. But who knows,Interactive digital signage, turn around and this person will not keep his word. Oh, no, he probably meant what he said. hsdtouch.com

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