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I am the ultimate boss of online games
"Ah!"! Warrior, you run! Don't worry about me! Go back and report to the castellan that the dark forces have found their base camp in the dark forest! Wang Hu opened his eyes and said whether he would die or not. Ding! Do you accept the entrustment of Wang Hu? The system prompt sounded in time and Lingmu accepted it. You said you found a dark force stronghold inside? Ling Mu is happy. Yes, warrior, I am the captain of the city guard of the city of honor. I came to investigate the changes in the dark forest in the name of the castellan. But I found a large number of dark creatures gathering in the depths of the dark forest. I dare not delay this. Please go back as soon as possible and tell the castellan for me! Although Wang Hu felt that the adventurer in a dark cloak made him uncomfortable, he told him patiently for the sake of accepting his instructions. Chapter 17 I can warm the bed. "Oh, that's good." Ling Mu nodded and suddenly asked, "Yes, are you all right?" "I can still hold on if I have the courage to worry!"! Warriors, let's go! Wang Hu answered gratefully and urged Ling Mu to go quickly. Poof! The sound of the dagger entering the flesh, Wang Hu was stunned, looking at the dagger inserted in his chest and wondering why he had been stabbed. Is that all right? Lingmu is also depressed, the eye of the underworld can not find attributes, it seems to be more than 10 levels higher than their own, but this knife down the amount of blood out, the upper limit of life value is 200000, but now is in a state of serious injury, there are less than 10000 left. And. Still holding on. "" Wang Hu answered foolishly, not yet figuring out why he stabbed himself. Curse,face detection android, Weakness, Aging, Corruption! As soon as a pile of skills went down and the staff was taken, the fireball was thrown wildly, and the two-legged earth dragon came over to bite and scratch at the same time. Warrior, you. Before he had finished speaking, Wang Hu stared and died. Ding! You have successfully killed the captain of the city guard of the city of honor,digital signage kiosk, a level 30 boss! Get experience 120000! Gain 100 growth points! "Ding!"! Your level has been raised! Get 5 free attribute points to allocate! "Ding!"! Your level has been raised! Get 5 free attribute points to allocate! Successive two golden light, a huge amount of experience let Lingmu directly rise to level 15, Lingmu music is broken, do not kill you kill who, looked at Wang Hu also burst out two things, a piece of equipment and a token. The sword of the city guard captain Quality: Gold Equipment Requirements: Level 30, Warrior Class Identification is required City Guard Captain's Token: a special item that mobilizes a 10-man squad in Honor City. After throwing two bronze suits to put these two things into the backpack, Lingmu once again strengthened his determination to find the dark main city as soon as possible, rode on the skeleton of the two-legged dragon, and went in along the intersection where Wang Hu came out. I don't want to meet a man not long after I entered the Dark Forest. A male player of the night elves seems to be coming out of the dark forest, and is meeting Lingmu, Lingmu Yile, touch screen digital signage ,smart whiteboard price, the player of the dark camp, ah, instantly feel more cordial. Jade. Yushu Lingfeng? Suddenly met Yushu Lingfeng's red fruit is also a Leng, did not expect to meet a celebrity here, and see Yushu Lingfeng actually rode a skeleton beast, now the mount system is not open ah? Is this Yushu Lingfeng a hidden occupation? "Brother Fruit, Brother Fruit!" Ling Mu came up affectionately, and the warmth startled the red fruit. That one I'm not gay. The red fruit took a step back and made a gesture of running for his life at any time. Ling Mu's body stiffened: "I'm not gay either." What am I thinking! I just want to ask you something! "Oh, that's good, that's good!" The red fruit breathed a sigh of relief. "What do you want to ask?" "Is there a dark main city in it?" Ling Mu pointed to the depths of the dark forest and asked expectantly. No, it's just a camp. The red fruit shook his head. What? No Ling Mu was silly and asked in disbelief. Yes Just a dark camp. The red fruit replied cautiously, "I don't know what kind of wind this Yushu Lingfeng is smoking." That one It's all right. I'll go first. By the way, did you see an injured NPC just run out of here? That's my task monster. I want to find out that he is the NPC sent by the main city. The red fruit suddenly turned around and asked.
"I saw it and went to the city of wind and rain." Lingmu answered casually, don't ask why it's not the city of honor, Wang Hu's body has been summoned into a skeleton by him, because he ran without feet and the dragon was still hanging behind, and he was not afraid to be exposed, anyway, there is no proof of death. Oh, thank you! The red fruit thanked him and chased him outside the dark forest. Of course, he saw a skeleton hanging behind him, but he didn't care. The dark forest was originally a dark camp, and there were often all kinds of dark creatures running in. Fuck! Ling Mu fiercely patted his head, silly me! Why don't you ask where the Red Fruit Dark City is! Lingmu hurriedly chased out, but there is no shadow of red fruit, speechless, looked at the time, it is 9 o'clock in the morning, there is no game warehouse and no nutrient solution, it is time to eat breakfast offline. Eh? Where are my milk and bread? Lingmu opened the refrigerator to find a good meal, remember right, obviously yesterday was still there! "Oh, I ate it." Yi Xue, who was still sitting on the sofa watching the soap opera, heard it and said casually. Fuck! Looking at the milk cartons and bread bags thrown casually on the floor, Ling Mu trembled with anger. By the way, master, there's a bag of potato chips in the cupboard for me. Yi Xue said again, and continued to stare at the TV screen without looking back. I'll wipe it again! Ling Mu rolled his eyes and almost fainted. He couldn't delay the day. He had to deal with it now! "You stand up!" Turning off the TV with a bang, Ling Mu said with a black face. What's the matter, master? Yi Xue stood up without knowing why and looked at Ling Mu Baba. Come out with me! "Ah!"! Master,facial recognition thermometer, are you going to take me shopping? That's great! Yi Xue jumped up happily. ……!” …… "What!"! You said she was completely normal? Housekeeping robot after-sales service hall, Lingmu pointed to the beautiful reception beauty, thinking that he had misheard. hsdtouch.com

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