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Endless sword outfit
Tang Xuerou this moment, but inexplicably for Ye Bai to bear the heart, she did not understand why this is, and she naturally did not know, when she sensed that a strong momentum, it is Ye Bai to break through to the third level of mental power at that moment, the spirit of the storm naturally let go, swept through, but soon returned to nothingness, the spirit of the sea stabilized again, completely changed. Although Tang Xuerou is anxious, but also know that the spirit of things, even if it is the ancient holy level of the strong, but also get some fur, not to mention her such a small top Xuanshi, if I do not know the situation, rashly intervene, the result is afraid not only can not help Ye Bai, but harm him. So she could only wait, full of worry. Fortunately, after a while, the mental storm disappeared without a trace. Ye Bai's whole body was not unusual, and it seemed that she was in a particularly good state. This made her carry her heart, and finally she could not help but put down half of it. Seeing that Ye Bai still had no sign of waking up, she was so bored and lazy that she simply went to one side. She was neither close nor far away. When she was close, she was afraid of disturbing Ye Bai's promotion, but when she was far away, she felt that she could not see it clearly. She sat down with her knees in her arms. Putting his chin in front of his knees, he wore the green shirt that Ye Bai had put on him tightly behind his back. His eyes, however, stared at Ye Bai in seclusion without blinking. His expression was even more complicated,interactive whiteboard prices, but most of all, he was shocked. Just now she only worried about him, ignoring the amazing fact that he had been promoted to the top Xuanshi. At this time, she finally had time to think that Ye Bai's breakthrough to the top Xuanshi symbolized something for him, even for a clan. There is no doubt that before this, Tang Xuerou did not know Ye Bai, she can also be sure that she had never seen him before, can be sure that there is no such person in the major clans, if there is such a person in the frost-free countries, it is certainly impossible for her not to know. Want to know, no frost five, pink villa is good at information,digital whiteboard price, selling and trading all kinds of secret information, as the core disciple of pink villa, how can she not be familiar with the top figures and potential disciples of the major sects, if they are, they will never recognize.. Moreover, the potential disciples of those sects can not be just a senior Xuanshi. In the eyes of the major sects of Wushuang Kingdom, senior Xuanshi is only a group worthy of cultivation; only the top Xuanshi is the top disciple they are willing to spend infinite financial resources to cultivate. It is basically certain that such a person will be a member of the same school in the future. Just like Yan Baipao and Sukuxin of Zijing Valley, Zhang Daoling, Yan Yuwu of Baijian Valley, Shen Feihong, Tang Xuerou of Hongfen Villa, Qiu Yiruo of Riyuezong.. And so on, all are this kind, other, although also has many characters, but obviously must be inferior many, does not calculate first-class. Although Gu Xinhua is also one of the seven core disciples of Zijing Valley, there is still a certain gap with Tang Xuerou, and the gap is huge, and the difference in status is astonishing. But now, a nameless disciple in a nameless faction suddenly joins the top Xuanshi, information kiosk price ,interactive kiosk price, which is equivalent to rushing into this small group of people at one stroke. No matter how he was before, at this moment, his identity, status, and even future potential are totally different. He can be on an equal footing with them, the top core of the major sects. In order to achieve this step, I do not know how much suffering, how much effort spent, the price, while penance, while entering the test field bloody battle, hard to do the task, earn contributions, buy elixirs, and finally under the guidance of the master, to break through, and the whole country without frost, to reach this realm, only a few people, not more than two palms. Entering this level is really a step to the sky, a transformation, no longer with the previous motionless, not only the sect will vigorously cultivate, regardless of the cost, its reputation, will also be truly famous in all sects, with the prerequisite ticket to the realm of advanced Xuanshi. Arrive at the second watch in the evening. The third one is still a little later. Thank you again for your vote. Keep it in the top 50 ^ _ ^.
Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 39, one step to the sky. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/ Chapter 39, one step to the sky. Tang Xuerou originally did not understand, he is a senior Xuanshi level figure, how can kill two high-level red charm, but now, but some relieved, can rely on their own talent to go to this step, how can there be no killer's mace, just like himself, if he had started to risk the idea of losing a little repair, directly launched the secret of burning blood, the result would not be so miserable. [Blood-Burning Secret Art] is a secret art that consumes one's own Qi and blood, cultivates oneself, and then temporarily improves one's strength. However, once used, the sequelae are also very obvious, so Tang Xuerou does not want to use it unless absolutely necessary. Until it was too late to start again, but found that he could not control himself, but in a moment, he was poisoned and dizzy in the past, no matter how big the secret of enhancing his strength, there was no place to use it. Previously, I just held him in my arms to share some of the pressure, but I didn't think that this strange young man I suddenly met was so powerful. If it weren't for him, maybe today. I will stay here forever, and I can't get out, right? Sitting in place, Tang Xuerou silently thought, a pair of eyes, fell on the face of Ye Bai, cranky, such a situation, should not have appeared in her this pink villa in the most fierce master sister body, but, because there is nothing to do, and afraid to disturb Ye Bai's practice, in order to cause unnecessary consequences,facial recognization camera, she only so to pass the time. At the same time, it was the first time that if she approached a strange man, she felt uneasy and eager to know his various origins and identities. But I don't know what kind of expression I should face him when he wakes up. 。 hsdtouch.com

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