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Wu Song
This time, Lu Gui will carefully select ten thousand beauties from all over the world to fill the palace. And this is bound to bring more pain to the people of the world. Accompanied by Lu Gui's order to recruit beautiful women, there was also an order to expand the palace and expand a new palace pavilion next to today's Daxia Palace. Lu Gui asked the people of the world to offer beautiful jade, fine gold, various jewelry and various beautiful stone and wood to build a new palace. Lu Gui's explanation for the expansion of the palace was that it was for the ten thousand beauties to live in. Guan Longfeng, who has always been very hard-boned, was the first to jump out and accuse Lu Gui of saying that today's palace is enough to accommodate the newly elected beauties. Guan Longfeng ended up being dragged out of the main hall of the court meeting by Lu Gui's order and beaten up with a hundred sticks. Had it not been for Xia Jie's furtive wink at Xing Tian and telling him to bribe the Chamberlain of the execution, Guan Longfeng, who had no cultivation, would have been beaten to death. Rao is so, Guan Longfeng was also beaten two skin open flesh, bones are exposed. Thanks to the magic medicine that Xia Jie carried with him, his life was saved. Guan Longfeng's warning is here, and none of the courtiers is willing to offend Lu Gui for this matter. In a peaceful year, not to mention the expansion of a palace pavilion in Daxia, even if Lu Gui wanted to flatten the whole palace and build it again, it would be effortless. But now, because Zhentian Pagoda will waste the world's financial resources in Daxia, if you want to build a palace that is exquisite enough,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, you can only squeeze oil from the bones of the people. I just don't know how much oil and water the people can squeeze out there. Is he out of his mind? The huge palace, if the ban will be launched, enough to accommodate two hundred thousand people to live. Why does he want to expand the new palace? Xing Tian Xuanzhi walked to Xia Jie's side and expressed his opinion on Lu Gui very impolitely. "It's not a big deal to choose ten thousand beautiful women," he said in a low voice. All the people in the world are eager to give their daughters to him. However, the expansion of the palace, according to the drawings he gave, the amount of work is so large that it is to rebuild an Anyi city. Where is the spare money in Daxia now? "The king has changed!" Xia Jie sighed faintly and patted Xing Tianxuan on the shoulder. He was hit too hard this time. Zhentian Pagoda,24v Gear Motor, Heavenly Court, Daxia, such a powerful national strength was destroyed in an instant. Your Majesty, or Lu Gui, is no longer the man we are familiar with. Xia Jie said with a wry smile, "He hasn't gone mad yet. It's already a rare thing." After hesitating for a moment, he gently hammered Xing Tianxuan's chest. Xia Jie muttered in a low voice, "Go and find out why he hasn't returned to the harem for a long time."? Why he would rather expand the palace than let the newly selected beauty into the harem. Among them, there is something strange. Xing Tianxuan frowned, nodded and promised, "Good.". I will go to Xifang to find Heimingsen later. This guy.. Xing Tianxuan shook his head and said sadly, "I'm afraid this guy is also sad."? More than 80% of his regular customers died in heaven this time, and he must be crying with a shrinking money bag. "The joke is not funny at all." Xia Jie glared at Xing Tian Xuanzhi mercilessly. Xing Tianxuan's face was as stiff as ice. He said with a wry smile, "Actually, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, recently, the atmosphere in the court is not right. I just want to be happy." Looking at Xing Tianxuan leech carefully, Xia Jie pulled him out of the palace. "To tell you the truth," he said persuasively as he walked, "you are not the kind of person who can talk and laugh. If the elder brother is here, he may be able to find some dirty jokes. You, um.. Xia Jie punched Xing Tianxuan Leech on the shoulder, and the heavy force of his fist sent Xing Tianxuan Leech flying hundreds of feet away. He hit the pillar of the palace gate heavily, smashed more than a dozen stone pillars in a row before falling to the ground, and rolled far away in a terrible mess. More than a dozen thumb-thick holes appeared in the place where Xing Tianxuan Leech was just now, and a biting cold came from the bottomless holes. If Xia Jie hadn't hit him, these holes would have appeared on Xing Tianxuan Leech.
Xing Tianxuan, who was in a hurry to pick up his dislocated shoulder, saw more than a dozen small holes in the ground from a distance. He could not help but angrily rebuke: "Which damn thing!"! Are you the bastards of Dongyi again? Somebody, an assassin! Somebody help! Assassin In previous years, if there were assassins at the gate of the Daxia Palace, there would be a flood of guards and witches coming out of the barracks in the forbidden space everywhere, and the whole city of Anyi would be under martial law in an instant. But today, as Xing Tian Xuanzhi shouted loudly, only a few hundred guards in armor rushed out, so few people, blocking the street in front of the palace can not be done. Get out of here! Xia Jie also snorted coldly, his hands clenched fists, fists emitting bright yellow light, suddenly a heavy punch on the ground. The earth trembled, and the ground for miles around jumped up at the same time, and then fell heavily back to its original place. Two figures rose into the sky, and below them were two sharp stalagmites piercing rapidly. The two figures burst out laughing and said, "Xia Jie, you really have a hand, so you can find us!" One of them lightly pressed and flicked his hands down, and two stalagmites exploded, and the sky was full of flying stones, which made the hundreds of palace guards flee in confusion. With a scream, the white squatting on the top of Xia Jie's head turned into a white light and rushed out, waving his long arms, and countless white spirits whistled toward the two figures. One of the shadows waved a huge blue scepter, a circle of black and blue water waves rushed out, the sky was full of black water waves rolling, to the soft water layer by layer to offset the sharp white strength, will be a line of gold strength slowly wear away in the invisible. However, the main target of the white spirit is not the shadow. Most of Bai's attention was focused on the white figure. With an angry roar from Xia Jie: "White!"! It's you bitch again! The white hand shot out two thick and magnificent pillars of light, and hit the white. Bai burst into a shrill laugh. "That's my palace,micro gear motor, Xia Jie," she said with a laugh! What can you do? Oh, do you want to kill this palace and avenge your unfortunate subordinate Chi? 。 ichgearmotor.com

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