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Red-eyed Sword Demon of Online Games
When I destroyed the last sword, Fen Shen skill finally arrived at the time, B illusion also began to move, came up with a sword, I had no chance to escape, I saw a -2186 damage floating out of my head, Qi and blood had bottomed out in an instant, but I was still the same as just now, still trying to hit fa with escape, not too much pity, or was caught up. Illusion raised his hand and a sword, but I was lucky to dodge this time, otherwise I would have gone to see the Buddha blankly, and my blood had been destroyed by B. At this time, there were only 27 of my Eight Diagrams Back to Heaven Dan. I don't know what the result would be, whether I would report to Star Dream City or B would be killed by me, but the hope of B being killed by me was almost zero. Because in the 90 seconds just now, although I did not attack B in disorder, he showed no sign of losing blood, and the HP energy bar did not decrease at all. Ding ~ System: "Ultimate B Sword Demon's Primordial Spirit has enabled the skill, Bloody Acid Rain.". Each attribute of the player's sword without trace is reduced by 20%, and each attribute of the ultimate B sword demon's primordial spirit is increased by 20%. Skill lasts 60 seconds. Sure enough, after the system prompts, the blood-red rain began to fall at this level training point. Blood Rain Under the influence of Blood Rain, all my attributes have declined. I didn't expect that there are so many skills of Illusion B. No wonder that the skills of the sword demon profession are all comprehended by myself, so there is no record. After B's attribute promotion, I run away, is not to do fa, according to my present speed,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, will certainly be caught up to the time, perhaps I will be hit seconds back to the city. Because of the decline of various attributes, my blood gas line is now only 2739 points, even if I am not hit back in seconds, if I am attacked, I have only blood skin left. So I had to change the way, to lead the ice woman, yes, no mistake, to lead the ice woman, as long as the monster gathered,Micro Gear Motor, maybe I could block the illusion B behind the monster group, so that as long as I survived 60 seconds, I could continue to try to hit fa with escape. But then again, if I failed, then I was completely finished. This time I made a bet with my life. If I didn't try, there would be no hope. I bet that this time I would run quickly to the group of ice women. Sure enough, the ice women quickly gathered to me. However, the illusion B was crowded to the back by the dense group of ice women. Ha ha, I succeeded. But I seem to be happy too early, because now the reason for the decline in attributes, the ice woman can also break my defense, every time attacked by the ice woman, the head will always float out more than 200 blood damage value. I'm in a real dilemma right now. However, I do not have much medicine now, there are less than 20 pills, what should I do? What are we going to do? Gradually, I took a group of monsters and a B has run into the depths of the dream magic forest, in my pain moment, I finally found a safe haven, the woods, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, yes, is the woods, I ran around the woods, I do not believe you are not confused. In this way, I rushed to the woods with a group of monsters and a B, and sure enough, because the number of monsters was too large, some were stuck between the gaps of several trees, the monsters were much less, but the illusion B was still used up at the back of the monster group, and soon, after the effect of blood rain disappeared, the ice woman could not break through my defense again, but my movement speed was restored. Gradually pulled away, as long as waiting for the CD time of the magic sword shock to recover, I began to attack. But at this time, a roar accompanied by the sky gradually dark down, the wind kept blowing, lightning and thunder, and the illusion of B is standing still in place. The Twenty-fourth Chapter of the Main Text: The Ultimate Confrontation, the First Appearance of the Mad Demon (Part Two) Vision B's eyes were red, as if he were a mad demon. Finally, the system prompts rang. Ding ~ System: "Ultimate B Sword Demon's Primordial Spirit has enabled the skill, the mad demon blood explodes.". The skill consumes 30% of Qi and blood, and ignores 80% of the defense of all targets within 30% of the magic code. It has the effect of shock damage, which damages 50% of the target's Qi and blood. The skill lasts for 5 seconds.
” I rely on such abnormal skills, and I am now within the scope of skills, so without hesitation, fast shuttle between the woods, as long as not within the scope of skills, I still have a chance to survive. Once my defense was ignored, there was only a dead end, and when I rushed out not far away, I heard a bang, blood everywhere, and then exploded. All the ice women within the range of Illusion B skill were killed in seconds, while I and the monster group outside the range of skill also lost more than half of their blood. Looking at the equipment and golden gold coins, I was very greedy. However, now is not the time to pick up gold coins and equipment, as long as the past is dead. So he did not hesitate to add blood to the horse. Such a powerful skill can destroy everything in 5 seconds. Although I was frightened, I still drooled. If only I had such a powerful skill. Just as I was having a sweet dream, suddenly the few remaining ice girls rushed over, constantly destroying my blood, which was less than half of my blood. Unfortunately, they could not break my defense. However, I also knew that after the ice girls were finished, my danger gradually increased, and there was no monster to block the illusion any more. At this time, there were only 11 of my Bagua Huitian Dan left. Now I'm on the brink of death, but. Now can not be sure who is the winner, perhaps, a miracle let me a sword seconds, B perhaps you dream of it? I have experienced the speed of B, and soon B caught up with me. I still shuttled through the woods, not daring to be careless at all. I ran back and forth between the gaps in the woods. I saw that B was going to attack me, but every time the attack was ineffective or failed. Haha, this feeling is not generally cool. But its cool and incomparable illusion B was also deducted 30% of the blood in the last skill, but B's blood return speed was too fast, tightly shuttled back and forth in the woods, illusion B's blood was almost full of blood, it was really abnormal, almost my master's illusion was incomparable to the first two B's, and the two figures were constantly shuttling between the woods. However,Brushless Gear Motor, in the face of such an ultimate B, the pressure on me is too great, and almost every time the damage to me is fatal. Ding ~. ichgearmotor.com

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