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discount Arbor Press
discount Arbor Press Introduction
1. Basic structure
The 1 Ton Arbor Press is mainly composed of hydraulic oil tank, manual plunger pump, hydraulic cylinder, two-position four-way valve, frame (including upper beam, side column, movable middle beam, base), high-pressure oil pipe, etc. The hydraulic cylinder is installed in the middle of the cross beam on the frame. The middle beam is a worktable that can move up and down, which is convenient for disassembling and assembling parts of different specifications.
2. Working principle
Operate the drive handle 10, the manual plunger pump 2 (a and b) pumps hydraulic oil from the oil tank 1 through the one-way valves 5 and 6, and the pressure oil then opens the one-way valves 7 and 8 and enters the two-position four-way valve 4. After reaching the upper cavity of the hydraulic cylinder 3, the piston rod descends. When the work is completed, the two-position four-way valve handle 9 is operated to change direction, so that the hydraulic oil output by the manual plunger pump 2 enters the lower cavity of the hydraulic cylinder 3, and the piston rod is moved upward.
Performance and main features
1. Hydraulic oil tank
The 1 Ton Arbor Press uses a rectangular open oil tank with a volume of 20L. Its main features are as follows:
The suction pipe and the oil return pipe are inserted below the lowest liquid level to prevent air bubbles from being sucked and splashed by the oil return. The oil suction pipe is equipped with a 10渭m mesh filter, and the oil return pipe mouth is obliquely cut at a 45掳 angle and faces the tank wall, which not only prevents the return oil from impacting the deposits on the bottom of the oil tank, but also facilitates heat dissipation.
A partition is set between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe, which lengthens the path of liquid circulation and improves the effect of separating air and sedimentation impurities.
There is a sealed cover plate around the fuel tank to keep the fuel tank clean. An air filter is installed on the cover for oil filling and ventilation. The bottom of the tank has a certain slope, and an oil drain valve is set at the lowest point to facilitate oil drain and cleaning.
2. Hydraulic pump
According to the specific working conditions and operating characteristics of the 1 Ton Arbor Press, a self-made manual plunger pump structure is adopted. Its main parameters and working characteristics are as follows:
The maximum manual force FO is selected as 300 N, the plunger diameter Da of pump a is 25mm, and the maximum output pressure is 9.8MPa; the plunger diameter Db of pump b is 15mm and the maximum output pressure is 27.9MPa; the plunger stroke is 60 mm, each It can be operated 20 times per minute; the flow rate Q=0.8 L/min when the two pumps are combined.
When the work load is large, using pump b to work alone can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator; when the work load is small, pump a and b can be used to work together to increase the output of the plunger pump, thereby increasing the pressure The efficiency of the machine.
3. Hydraulic cylinder
According to the actual operating requirements of the press, a double-acting piston hydraulic cylinder is selected. The maximum thrust of the rodless cavity is set to F=500 kN, and the maximum working pressure is set to P=27.9 MPa, and the inner diameter of the rodless cavity is 151 mm.
According to the calculation results, the inner diameter of the hydraulic cylinder is determined to be 160mm, and the cylinder material selects a special 桅190mmè桅160mm precision inner diameter seamless steel pipe; in order to meet the welding requirements, the steel grade selects 35 steel with better welding performance.
4. Control valve
According to the actual passages and positions of the hydraulic system of the press, a manual two-position four-way reversing valve is selected to control the hydraulic cylinder, and check valves 5 and 6 are selected to prevent the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pump from returning to the tank during operation. Check valves 7, 8 Used to prevent pressure oil from returning to the hydraulic pump during work.
5. Handle part
Press operating handle includes one drive handle and one reversing handle. The driving handle is mainly composed of a pressing rod and a pressing handle, and is connected with the pump body and the plunger by two pins. Manual power acts on the pressure rod of the drive handle to drive the plunger to reciprocate and generate oil pressure; the reversing handle only completes the reversing work of the hydraulic cylinder.

Item No.ModelCapacityMax.Height
(mm)Largest arbor
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HR202405AP-55.0400è2267050è50815645è17676è37è95155/166discount Arbor Press

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