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Entrar: 05/06/23
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Solar LED Lights for Outside suppliers
Solar LED Lights for Outside suppliers Our History
Yangzhou Feilong Lighting Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. Our company has been engaged in LED street light manufacturing industry for more than 10 years. Our products include solar LED street light, municipal high-power LED street light and low-power LED street light used in rural roads. The whole set of LED street light includes LED light head, light pole, constant power source, embedded parts, etc., which we can all provide. Because of the price of raw materials and the perfect industrial chain, our street light product is not only cheap but also of good quality with low failure rate.
Our Factory
Our factory has been expanding overseas in recent years. In particular, the integrated Solar Street Light and High Mast Street Light have been warmly welcomed in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and some European countries because of the low failure rate, low cost, perfect installation and after-sales service of our products. Most clients have build long-term cooperation with our company.
Our Product
Led street light,solar street light,solar panel,street light pole,battery, traffic light
Product Application
Outdoor way, highway,park,garden,square
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
SMD Machine
Production Market
鈥?nbsp;1000+ Satisfied Customers. 鈥?2mW+ Rooftop Solarised. 鈥?10 x Growth in 5 Years.
Our Service
Warranty : 3-5 yearsSolar LED Lights for Outside suppliers

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