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Entrar: 05/06/23
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Paper Straw Making Machine suppliers
Paper Straw Making Machine suppliers Features:
1. Paper Straw Printing Machine adopts the creamic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.
2. Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic powder brake/clutch.
3. Each printing unit equips with IR dryer.
4. This machine with one die-cutting station, which makes printing and die-cutting can be finished in one process.
5. The machine can finish material-feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, rewinding and die-cutting in a lump. It is an ideal machine for printing note and top-grade adhesive label.
Technical Specifications:
Our plant view:
Packing and Shipping:
Clients and Exhibition:
The method of use is the same as that of the traditional polyvinyl acetate latex. The product is resistant to freezing and thawing, aging resistance, excellent bonding strength and long storage period.
1. Wood moisture content should be controlled at 8-15%, too high or too low will affect the quality of bonding.
2. Treat the surface of the substrate so that the surface of the substrate is free of oil, dust and other impurities. The bonding surface must be in full contact.
3. Glue should be even and appropriate.
4. can be cured at room temperature or heat, the maximum temperature should not exceed 120 掳 curing time varies with temperature, can be determined according to the actual situation.
5. When pressurizing, the pressure should be sufficient, the pressure should be uniform, and it should be pressurized for more than 1.5 hours. After pressure relief, it should be aged for a period of time. In order to achieve a better adhesion, it is best to leave the pressure for 24 hours and then process it for 72 hours.
6. It can be mixed with some resins, such as urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, trimeric hydrogenamine resin, etc., to improve its water resistance and creep resistance.Paper Straw Making Machine suppliers

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