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Entrar: 10/08/23
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Metallurgical Chemical Auxiliaries factory
Metallurgical Chemical Auxiliaries factory CAS: 79-10-7
Chemical formula: C3H4O2
Molecular weight: 72.06
EINECS login number: 201-177-9
Melting point: 13.5 鈩?/p>
Boiling point: 140.9 鈩?/p>
Water solubility: miscible with water, soluble in ethanol and ethyl ether
Secret: 1.0611 g/cm3
Exterior: Colorless liquid with pungent odor
Flash Point: 54鈩?/p>
The positions of 伪銆佄瞙ydrogen in this product are easily replaced.The carboxyl group can produce ester, amide, acyl chloride, anhydride, etc.Its double bond has the double bond common, the chemical activity, may be homopolymerization and the copolymerization, the polymer USES is very extensive, is an important chemical raw material
The product and its esters can be used as monomers of polymers; In addition, can also be used as adhesives, coatings, resins and other raw materials; the resins synthesized from this product can be used in pharmaceutical, leather, textile, papermaking, chemical fiber, rubber, building materials, plastics, packaging materials, water treatment, petroleum exploitation and other industries.Metallurgical Chemical Auxiliaries factory

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