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Entrar: 11/08/23
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Glycine for Glyphosate manufacturers
Glycine for Glyphosate manufacturers 鈻?Our History
Granray was founded in 2013 we are in Biotechnology Industrial Area, Nanbaishe town, Zhaoxian, Hebei. The Biotechnology Industrial Area planning and design steam,water,sewage and sludge waste, service for the stable production.
鈻?Our Factory
Granray is a professional manufacturer of amino acids. Exquisite technology and industry-specific industry production standards are the main reason for being sought after.
鈻?Our Product
Glycine/Magnesium Bis-glycinate/ Zinc Bis-glycinate/ Calcium Bis-glycinate/ Sodium glycine/ Guanidinoacetic Acid/ Lycopene.
鈻?Product Application
Feed additives/food additives/Nutrition and health care/Medical excipients.
鈻?Our Certificate
鈻?Production Equipment
Reaction kettle/Centrifuge/Dryer/Fermentation tank/Metal detector.
鈻?Production Market
Every customer value should be taken seriously,we not only committed to let every customer can get the appreation of products.
鈻?Our Service
Choose start from here.Thinking your concering,confidence from Granray.Glycine for Glyphosate manufacturers

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