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China Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer suppliers
China Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer suppliers
Bed unit ozone sterilizer is mainly composed of stainless steel enamel ozone tube, module high voltage power supply, analytical device, air pump, disinfection pipe and joint, disinfection bedspread and disinfection bag, English display screen operation monitoring system, machine shell.
The control of nosocomial infection is an important index of hospital management. The cross infection in hospital wards is that the bed units (mattresses, bedding, sheets, pillows, etc.) are not thoroughly disinfected.For a long time, the conventional disinfection methods of hospital beds, mattresses, bedding, sheets and pillow cores are disinfected by ultraviolet radiation or high-pressure steam. This method can only achieve the effect of superficial disinfection, and can not completely and effectively kill the germs hidden in the deep layer of bed cushions, bedding, sheets and pillow cores.This computerized ozone disinfector for bed unit provides an economical and efficient disinfection equipment for hospital to control cross infection and cut off the way of infection.
Product features:
1. Bed unit sterilizer with high ozone concentration, stable gas production, long service life.
2. The concentration of ozone gas can be adjusted to disinfect bed sheets and two adjacent beds at the same time.
3.No toxic residue, environmental protection sterilization, no impact on the surrounding environment.Disinfection time can be set according to need.
4. Ozone production is large.The lowest ozone output can reach 7g/h, the working life is more than three times longer than the ordinary generator, can be guaranteed for ten years.
5. The use of fully sealed disinfection, disinfection process without any ozone leakage.
6. In addition to the bed unit disinfection, can also be used for operating room staff clothing disinfection and high concentration of ozone generator, air disinfection.
7. Can disinfect two hospital beds at the same time, sterilization rate of 99.99%
--Function: You can choose the function you want.One of the four CDEF.
--Choice:Select full automatic mode G,The machine will be CDEF at the time you set it to work(can see video).
--Pumping: Pull out the air in the airtight space.
--Ozone:Continuous release of ozone.
--Keep:Continuous disinfection,In other words, the time you need to disinfect.
--Analytical: Ozone Elimination Time.
--Auto:Fully automatic working indicator,Work at the time you set.
When you press the start and all the previous settings have been completed.The machine is fully automated.China Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer suppliers

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