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AC Heater Blower Motor manufacturers
AC Heater Blower Motor manufacturers Our History
1972: State owned Wenling Micromotor Factory Co., Ltd.
2008: Wenling Nosch Motor Co., Ltd.
2018: Zhejiang Fangyuan Sifu Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.
2019: Establish Shandong Branch
2020: Establish Foreign Trade Department
Our Factory
Zhejiang Fangyuan Sifu Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on motor R&D, manufacturing and sales. It is one of the core enterprises in the manufacturing sector of China's top 500 private enterprises under the Fangyuan Group. The company's main products include iron-shell single three-phase asynchronous motor series, aluminum-shell single three-phase asynchronous motor series, fan special motor series, frequency conversion motor series, permanent magnet DC motor series, etc. Mainly used in water pump power, fan power, machine equipment power, agricultural machinery power, new energy vehicle power, marine equipment power and other fields.
The company is located at No. 2479, Haifeng Road, Taizhou Bay New District, Zhejiang (3 kilometers from the east exit of Jiaojiang Coastal Expressway, 10 kilometers from Taizhou Airport, and 20 kilometers from Taizhou High-speed Railway Station).Covering an area of 43 acres, it has a standardized workshop of 35,000 square meters, equipped with more than 50 sets of automatic CNC lathes, CNC grinders, CNC milling machines, machining centers, high-speed punching machines and other metal processing equipment, and equipped with advanced equipment such as automatic wire embedding lines, spraying lines, and automatic assembly lines. There are domestic leading wind tunnel laboratories, test centers, and motor type laboratories.
The company has a technical management team with strong professional skills and excellent management capabilities. So far, it has obtained dozens of patent certificates (including 5 invention patents), participated in the formulation of 4 industry standards, and obtained 3C certification, CE Certification, ISO9001 management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, etc. It has also launched long-term technical cooperation with universities such as China Jiliang University and Zhejiang University of Technology to enhance core power in terms of innovation, stability, high efficiency, and energy saving.
Our Product
鈼?IE3 Premium Motor
鈼?IE4 Super Premium Motor
鈼?Single Phase Motor
鈼?FRP Fan Motor
鈼?Negative Pressure Fan Motor
鈼?Cooling Fan Motor
鈼?Exhaust Fan Motor for Cowshed
鈼?Portable Cooler Motor
鈼?Vertical Pump Motor
鈼?Acid and Alkali Resistant Chemical Pump Motor
鈼?Washer Motor
鈼?Special Motor for Woodworking
Product Application
FRP Fan, Negative Pressure Fan, Cooling Fan, Exhaust Fan, Portable Cooler, Vertical Pump, Acid and Alkali Resistant Chemical Pump, Washer, Woodworking
Our Certificate
CE, Reach, RoHS, CCC (China Compulsory Certification), IPMS, China Energy Label
Production Equipment
Automatic wire embedding machine: 10
CNC lathe: 12
CNC grinder : 4
Dynamic balance machine: 4
CNC milling machine: 3
Plastic spraying line: 1
Production line: 9
Paint dipping machine: 2
Multi hole drilling machine: 2
Production Market
Annual Output Value: US$20- US$50Million
Domestic Market: 55%
Eastern Europe: 10%
Southeast Asia: 10%
Middle East: 5%
Africa: 5%
South America: 3%
Western Europe: 3%
Other Areas: 9%
Our Service
The company takes the spirit of innovation as the guideline, takes high-quality products as the foundation, and takes full-staff entrepreneurship as the core driving force, strongly promotes R&D and innovation, accelerates the adjustment of product structure, optimizes technical processes, improves operational efficiency, and strengthens the spirit of chemical craftsmanship, and uses this as a driving force to build Outstanding enterprise, creating market opportunities, and striding forward to the vanguard of industry segmentation.AC Heater Blower Motor manufacturers

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