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Entrar: 28/08/23
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China Natural Mink Eyelashes manufacturers
<a href="http://www.surchinebeautys.com/mink-eyelashes/natural-mink-eyelashes/">China Natural Mink Eyelashes manufacturers</a> Overview
To get a good eye makeup, you should consider not only the eyeshadow part, but also the eyelash part. In addition to using mascara, many people also choose to use false eyelashes. The Glitter Luxury Mink Eyelashes are a good choice. They are made of natural mink hair, soft, neatly arranged, thick and thin. It is a more common type of false eyelashes with high curl and shine. It is more suitable for those who want to highlight eye makeup, and can also use sensitive eye skin.
The Glitter Luxury Mink Eyelashes are suitable for partial enhancement and can also be interwoven with real lashes, making it easy for you to feel your lashes naturally so thick. The stem is stiff and the false eyelashes are well defined. The length of the false eyelashes is natural, but the middle part is designed to be long, which makes the eyes look rounder and has the effect of deepening and enlarging the eyes.
20mm eyelashes
Real mink fur material
Glitter shape wispy lash
Medium length, not too long, not too short full strip lash, suitable for wearing everyday.
Lash names20mm glitter luxury mink eyelashes
StyleGlitter, crisscross, wispy shapes
SupplierProfessional Eyelashes manufacturer
Mink lashes1. 100% Siberian mink fur eyelashes
2. Super light weight to wear, not heavy feeling
3. Easy to install with thick flexible cotton band, hypoallergenic, thinner band than before
LengthLongest 20mm
Craft makingPure human Handmade
OEM/ODMCan create new design according to user demand
SampleAvailable after send inquiry
Custom designAvailable with MOQ
PaymentTT/LC/Western union/paypal etc...
Lead time10-30days
Loading PortAny port as clients required
Except for the eyelashes we offer, in order to help lash distributors to do better sales, we formed a whole design team and designed many different packaging boxes for them. For boxes, we offer rectangular, square, round shapes cases, also we can make them into different materials like paper box, acrylic box or metal box etc....
So far, we have been doing eyelashes for at least 20 years, and we have more than 1 million clients, and all of them love our eyelashes and other beauty products. And gave us many good reviews. We focused on not only the lashes quality, but also the client purchasing experiences and after sale services. If you doubt it, you are welcomed to buy some samples to test us.China Natural Mink Eyelashes manufacturers

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