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China Silicon Powder
China Silicon Powder Our History
Anyang Fengfan Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 2010 on December 10, formerly anyang city yu macro metallurgy refractories co., LTD., founded in 1999 on June 12, has been more than 30 years of history. The founder Cai Yuhong, under the leadership of our company with the bear hardships and stand hard work, willing to study spirit and excellent product quality from the original 2 personal development to the present the scale of more than 50 people. Over the past 30 years, our company has been awarded many honors such as abiding by contract and valuing credit, advanced units, annual outstanding contributions and loving enterprises.
Our Factory
Anyang Fengfan Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. is located in anyang, one of the seven ancient capitals of China, close to beijing-hongkong-macao expressway and nanlin expressway, with convenient traffic conditions, superior natural environment and abundant mineral resources, which provide advantaged conditions for the development of the enterprise. The company's leading products are: cored wire, silica-aluminum-barium calcium deoxidized alloy series,silicon metal, metal silicon powder, ferrosilicon ball, silicon carbon ball and other alloy pressure ball, silicon powder, rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy, spheroidizing agent, etc. The products sell well in many large iron and steel enterprises and foundry enterprises at home and abroad. Anyang metallurgical material production base is one of the main manufacturers.
The company well-equipped, advanced production technology, strong technical force, complete testing means, product quality reliable supply, relying on the domestic cooperation of colleges and universities for a long time, distinguished metallurgical industry experts for technical guidance and management consultant, to create green environmental protection and the sustainable enterprise, constantly develop new products, the market was well received by the user.
The company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, honest management, and win-win cooperation". We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit and patronize us and work hand in hand to create a better tomorrow and create new brilliance of national enterprises.
Our Product
Ferroalloy, core wire, spheroidization agent, inoculant, deoxidizer, alloy ball, alloy slag
Product Application
Metallurgy, steel, casting, aluminum smelters
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Four electric furnaces, four core-coated wire production lines, four sets of ball mills, one aluminum particle production line, two crushing production lines, and two large ball presses.
Production Market
The products are exported to domestic countries such as sichuan panzhihua iron and steel, shandong laigang yongfeng iron and steel, hebei jingye group, and foreign countries such as South Korea, Japan, Russia, Iran and so on
Our Service
We will patiently introduce our company's products to customers, including product specifications, functions, performance, etc. As the Chinese saying goes, "the newcomer is the customer", we will treat each customer as a friend and try our best to find a suitable product for customers. We will patiently answer all kinds of problems encountered by customers during the journey, as well as solve problems encountered by customers in the later period of use, so that customers have no worries.China Silicon Powder

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