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China Laboratory Centrifugal Concentrator factory
China Laboratory Centrifugal Concentrator factory
Centrifugal concentrator is known as centrifuge or centrifugal chute. Strong centrifugal force produced by high speed spin strengthens the process of gravity separation and effectively recover the ultrafine ore particles. Nowadays, centrifugal concentrator is widely used for the recovery of gold, tungsten, lead, manganese, iron, etc.
Centrifugal gold concentrator is a relatively new type of gravity concentration apparatus. The machines utilise the principles of a centrifuge to enhance the gravitational force experienced by feed particles to effect separation based on particle density. The key components of the unit are a cone shaped "concentrate" bowl, rotated at high speed by an electric motor and a pressurized water jacket encompassing the bowl. Feed material, typically from a ball mill discharge or cyclone underflow bleed, is fed as a slurry toward the centre of the bowl from above. The feed slurry contacts the base plate of the vessel and due to its rotation, is thrust outward. The outer extremities of the concentrate bowl house a series of ribs and between each pair of ribs is a groove.
During operation the lighter material flows upward over the grooves and heavy mineral particles (usually of economic value) become trapped within them. Pressurized water is injected through a series of tangential water inlets along the perimeter of each groove to maintain a fluidized bed of particles in which heavy mineral particles can be efficiently concentrated.
Product Specification
Model NoSTLB20
Capacity (t/h)0.1-0.6
Fluidization Water Required (m鲁/h)2-3
Slurry Water Required (m鲁/h)1.5-4
Feeding Density (%)0-50
Feeding Size (mm)0-3
Concentrate Weight (kg)2
Power (kw)0.75
Weight (kg)205
Dimensions (mm)914*700*900
Detailed Photos
All of our lab equipment, we will use Wooden Box packing to ensure its safety and stability during international transportation.China Laboratory Centrifugal Concentrator factory

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