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Entrar: 21/09/23
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Box Of Pipette Tips in stock
Box Of Pipette Tips in stock
Our History
Jiangsu Alfinemed Instruments Co., Ltd is experienced and specialized in medical disposables and laboratory consumables. Our products are stable quality based on Over 10 year's continuous practice and improvement, including the best service make us reliable to all the customers.
Our Product
Microscope slides, Coverglass, Cyrovial Tubes, PCR series, Sample collection tubes, Culture dishes and Accessories, Glass labware.
Product Application
All our products are widely used in the field of Laboratory, Cytology, Histology and Biotechnology Researching.
Production Market
The products of Alfine are exporting to European and American markets, South America, and main countries of Asia and Africa.Box Of Pipette Tips in stock

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