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Transport Vehicles factory
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The main function of the cement tanker truck is to transport the bulk mobile silo of mixed mortar from the dry mixed mortar production plant to the construction site or between the construction sites. The bulk mobile silo can be an empty tank or can load a certain amount of dry mixed mortar. Through the coordinated action of the hydraulic system and the loading and unloading overturning mechanism, the truck can automatically lift the bulk mobile silo of 1000 mixed mortar and place it vertically on its own frame, achieving the transportation of the bulk mobile silo of 1000 mixed mortar, After transporting the dry mixed mortar bulk mobile silo to the designated location, the 1000 mixed mortar bulk mobile silo can be automatically unloaded and placed on the ground.
The material of the side and rear lower protective devices is Q235 steel plate, and the connection method is: bolt connection; Cross section size of rear lower protection device: 100mm 脳 50mm, 450mm above the ground.
Select the corresponding cab according to the vehicle chassis. In addition, there are other options for customer customization.

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