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Entrar: 21/09/23
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Anti-bacterial Flooring suppliers
Anti-bacterial Flooring suppliers Industrial seamless flooring is a kind of material made of glass fiber, polyester fiber double reinforced, the tensile strength, compressive strength and other mechanical properties have been improved. It has strong overall and comprehensive performance.
Quick Details
Product nameindustrial seamless flooring
Brand NameGEMP
Thickness1.2 mm /1.4 mm
Design Styleindustrial
Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Warranty1 year
After-sale ServiceOnline technical support
Featurewear resistant
MOQ405 Square Meters
Payment termL/C at sight , T/T
Gross Weight40 kg
Packing1 roll /carton, 9 roll/carton
Our GEMP industrial seamless flooring has many advantages as follows:
Our flooring combines the advantages of epoxy floor paint and PVC flooring and overcomes their shortcomings.The details are as follows:
Our development history
We started to develop epoxy resin industrial rolls in 2014, and finally developed the world's first flexible epoxy resin fiberglass properties of industrial rolls, taking the lead in upgrading epoxy resin flooring to epoxy resin prefabricated rolls. After 3 years of improvement and trial, it was officially mass-produced and promoted in 2017. In 2022 we developed the first bio-based polyurethane - epoxy resin flexible rolls, making the material more environmentally friendly.
Our R&D Capability
With a professional composite material R & D team covering structural design, mechanical design, etc., we have established industry-university-research cooperation with many famous domestic research institutes, mastered a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and have applied for more than 30 patents.
Q: How much pressure the floor can withstand
A: If the foundation ground is good, the floor can withstand heavy loads of 20 tons
Q: What colors can you produce?
A: Regular colors are green and gray, but also can be customized according to Raul color card, and customized color MOQ is 750 square meters.
Q: Before paving the floor, what kind of condition does the ground need to achieve?
A: The strength of the ground should be above C25, the levelness requirement is less than 5 mm within 2 meters, and the moisture content of the ground is less than or equal to 8%.
Q: Where does GEMP industrial floors fit in?
A: Our products are mainly suitable for indoor ground environment, such as: Various workshops, Warehouse, Garages, Laboratories, Schools, Hospitals, Airport terminals, Office buildings, Shopping Mall, etc.Anti-bacterial Flooring suppliers

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