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Entrar: 21/09/23
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China Other Bags suppliers
China Other Bags suppliers Advantages of FFS film rolls
FFS film rolls is sealed against moisture and dirt, and the storage and shelf life of outer packaging and inner products can be doubled.
FFS film rolls is resistant to puncture/drop, effectively avoids bag breakage, and is suitable for dozens of stacking, loading and unloading and turnover.
FFS film rolls has better mechanical properties than traditional packaging bags, providing a whole-process safety guarantee for production and storage.
The surface of FFS film rolls is embossed, the stacking is stable, and the bag shape is regular, ensuring that the storage and transportation process does not slip.
In terms of cost that enterprises are most concerned about, due to the advanced technology, the use of FFS film rolls can reduce the cost of packaging materials, which is 10% to 50% lower than that of traditional paper bags and pp woven composite bags.
With the application of new materials, the thickness of the film is gradually reduced, the strength is gradually increased, and the comprehensive packaging cost is better than the traditional packaging form, and the FFS film rolls solves the storage problem of traditional packaging, which is beneficial to save the storage space and storage cost of product packaging.
The FFS integrated packaging machine can realize the automatic operation of the whole line without manual labor. Today, with the rising labor cost, it can help enterprises to avoid labor difficulties and save labor costs. The fully automatic machine packaging will make the production of enterprises more autonomous.
Compared with traditional paper bags and pp woven composite bags, FFS film rolls has excellent sealing performance, superior moisture resistance, water resistance and antifouling performance, and is very suitable for the packaging and transportation of chemical products.
FFS film rolls packaging machine adopts a specially designed bag mouth to ensure that there is no dust spillage during filling; the body is fully enclosed to ensure that the packaging area is clean and powder-free.
In addition, FFS film rolls are easy to recycle, meet environmental protection requirements, and under the background of sustainable development strategies, are flexible packaging products that conform to the trend of the times and international product packaging trends.China Other Bags suppliers

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