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Serum Products Description

Niacinamide whitening essence is an essence with whitening and antioxidant functions. It has the functions of hydrating, moisturizing and repairing nutrition of ordinary essence, but the effect of anti-oxidation and whitening is more prominent. Because of its tiny molecular structure, it can penetrate the bottom layer of the skin efficiently and quickly, providing nourishment and repair to the skin, leaving it with a healthy and clear glow.In the classification of cosmetics, essence generally refers to the products with high concentration of active ingredients. In the process of use, it can strengthen the special purpose nursing effect because of the high proportion of active ingredients, so that the skin can achieve more obvious skin care effect.

Products Function

In the dictionary of women's skin care, there is such a word: essence products like king generally exist in the army of skin care products, use may not achieve the desired effect, but there is absolutely a lack of women. For today's women, more and more people start to pay attention to their own skin care. In the early age, we don't feel that we need to buy much good skin care products, thinking that the skin depends on its own foundation in the early stage, but it is not so. With the loss of youth, all kinds of pressure of life, the skin problems of female friends are more and more obvious, so we need to find skin problems early, and then pay attention to, so as to apply skin care products to care for our skin, to avoid the appearance of rapid aging.
In the army of skin care products, it is an essential part of our women, because its main effect is to lighten spots and remove acne, long-term use will also improve our skin dullness, playing a whitening effect. For whitening essence, it mainly has the following functions:
鈽匯emove acne and fade spots
鈽匓etter inhibit melanin production
鈽?nbsp;has antioxidant effect
鈽匯epair skin aging
鈽匒nti-aging to remove wrinkles
鈽?nbsp;Lighten the skin
鈽?nbsp;Moisturize deep skin to make skin fairer
鈽匬romote skin collagen hyperplasia
These are all skin care products can bring us external effects, some people may question, just a bottle, can have so many effects, so magical, these effects are not your initial use will appear, in our choice of brand and whether it is suitable for our skin problem is the key, not all products will play these effects on the face, For example, once the facial skin problem is generated, it is not that we can solve it by one or two days, but that we have to adhere to it for a long time to see the effect from the face. If we don't take care of our skin all the time, then our skin will only age with time, and all kinds of age marks on our skin.

How to Use Products

Squeeze out 2-3 drops of whitening essence, and then gently massage it away with your finger until it is absorbed. However, after it is applied, you should wait a few minutes before you can proceed with the following skin care process. This is in order to better absorb the essence. The important thing is that the whitening serum is high in active ingredients. When using it, be careful to store it in a cool and dark place.
The specific steps and sequence : cleanser - Toner - whitening essence - Cream - isolation cream, etc. This procedure makes the skin more comfortable and natural, and the effect of makeup is more delicate and advanced.

Company Information

Our company,Xian Benherb Biotech CO.,LTD has a complete operation system: production, sales, transportation, trade integration, independent work system cost is low, there is no any redundant other charging process. Therefore, the company's products have the advantages of high quality, low cost, best service and fast delivery. To sum up, the company has a certain say in the industry, and has been selling for decades, very experienced.Waiting for your joining.This is my email address:paifeite2022@163.com.

Factory&packing and Shipping

It can be delivered all over the country, all over the world.
Fast transport without damaging the goods.
The service is excellent.
Factory workshop in order, large-scale mass production. Product delivery can be ensured, product quality can be guaranteed.
The packing is quick and good.
Large scale batch packaging.
Plenty of space for storage.

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